Pressures Of School Essay Research Paper Pressures

Pressures Of School Essay, Research Paper

Pressures of School

One day while I was in my honors English class at Brookhurst Jr. High School during my eighth grade year, my teacher wanted to talk to me all of a sudden. Mrs. Manneman said that if I didn t pull my C up to at least a B I would be dropped from the class. Having those few words in my mind made passing the class a more difficult process. I had to strive for improvement in the class. As I tried to keep up, I encountered several psychological and physical challenges, but don t all journeys come with a certain degree of anguish.

During the journey to my goal I endured a few physical obstacles. To be able to accomplish my tasks I had to sacrifice my free time. Sometimes I stayed up for longs hours just to complete assignments. Staying in the house a great deal also made my body weary. I needed the fresh air of the outdoors to relieve the tension I felt in my body. I would often get sick because of my tired out state. At times I felt as though my physical

matter wanted to run away from me. After all of this I battled out my problems and kept on track.

Throughout the process towards my objectives I also encountered psychological distress. I received a lot of stress from the vast amount of assignments given to me. Several times I suffered headaches, which a person my age shouldn t normally have. Many times I was discouraged and lost my self-confidence; I didn t think I could follow my ambitions. I felt like giving up so that I would have an easier time. I even put my self down because I had no belief in myself.

Even though I had to exert myself to a great extent, I gained enough from the journey to put behind the hardships. I learned more about Mrs. Manneman; we were able to gain a better understanding of each other. After all of the skills that I was taught in the class I read with complex books with more ease. In addition I improved my comprehension skills. In doing so, I received self-satisfaction in completing what I had set out for. Contradicting to the journey, I gained psychological and mental improvements.

I acknowledged my hard work benefited me. There s always an advantage from determination and strong will.


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