Monday Morning Masks Essay Research Paper Monday

Monday Morning Masks Essay, Research Paper

Monday Morning Masks

As the sun slowly peaks through the Monday morning fog, high school students are disappointed that the weekend has ended. Upon arrival to school, their half-closed eyes are not ready for a new day. A minor hassle becomes the gripe, making the mood even dimmer. This murkiness doesn t hinder me. Why? I use a mask, filled with laughter and hope, to reverse the mood. With this mask, I pretend to be cheerful about the day, no matter what my inner disposition. As the day goes on, the uniqueness of my mask, its infectiousness and self-healing power, becomes evident.

Just as a dire piece of gossip can spread through a school like a contagious virus, the same can happen with a person s mood. When people witness a joyful appearance in an upsetting and dreary milieu, they begin to laugh and relax. Their own mask begins to change, which generates a positive attitude. My mask is worn for that very reason. Making people smile and to encourage them for the best is what I strive for. Consequently, the best thing for one s self and for society is to be optimistic and supportive. A warm-hearted smile and a lot of confidence can and does make a world of a difference.

Dressing into a warm-hearted smile is not only preordained to helping others, it is also meant to benefit myself. I strive to be different from others, a person who can exhibit my own free thoughts and feelings. In addition, one s personality can be adaptable to its surroundings, but a mask is inimitable it can be painted in any way a person desires.

With a mask, I can be unique, even if it means being joyful and happy, while everyone else is cheerless.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated, Society is a masked ball, where every one hides his real character, and reveals it by hiding. As a result, my face begins to match the contours of the mask; my mask and my face become one. With my face being indistinguishable from my mask, the spirit of the mask continues. Although most masks are meant for hiding, this one exposes the happiness inside of me. A person s mask reflects his personality and therefore his potential. Each day I hope to wear my mask less and less, as my inner self shines brighter and brighter. The fundamental question one needs to ask himself is, Is my mask changing my face or is my face changing the mask?


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