Our Town Analysis 2 Essay Research Paper

Our Town Analysis 2 Essay, Research Paper

Our Town Analysis

In fact my town does not resemble the setting displayed in this play although I am sure the setting of our ancestors towns were much like this one. Back then everybody knew each other and they did not have to lock their doors and they had a strong fear of death and judgement which was indirectly implanted in their religion.

This play was interesting because the representation of death portrayed as being so sudden. When death hit Emily, she suddenly realized how she had wasted her life on earth because they were repeating the same actions everyday of their. She became sad and also regretful that she could not tell her husband George to get on with his life and end this incessant mourning.

The setting is very important because the play is set in a small simple town and it demonstrates the precise actions of people of that time. The setting is special because it is vague therefore it lets your mind imagine the precise details of the scene. This is interesting because you see the scene the way you want it so the author does not need to go into dull descriptions which are not too pleasing.

The atmosphere is very obvious in this play because it is one of the most prominent factors in the play itself. In the first act the dominant mood is happiness because everybody is pursuing their normal activities and gossiping and the first act is used to introduce the characters for us to know their attitudes. In the second act the action is sped up and there is a special event which is marriage involves George and Emily. Emily shows a great deal of hesitation and the attendants at the ceremony are discussing the couple and how they were when they were young. In the third act the mood is sorrow and sadness caused by the death of Emily and her reaction at the overview of her own life.

The relationship between George and Emily is very evident throughout the whole play. In the first act they shared a boy/girl relationship and were good neighbors. In the second act they share a loving relationship which eventually developped into marriage. In the third act Emily passes away in childbirth and George is left as a lone widower.

The town is well created because it contains all of the main components of a typical town. It has the town drunk, the town gossip, the town doctor and families of farmers. It creates a pleasing town with a comfortable atmosphere which eases the readers thoughts and feelings throughout the play.


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