Macbeth A Spy For Macduff At The

Macbeth, A Spy For Macduff At The Banquet Hall Essay, Research Paper

Dear Macduff,

A short while back you hired me to complete a task for you. This was to spy and collect information about Macbeth. I have now completed this and have some quite shocking news as you will soon be aware of as you read on. It all started at Macbeth?s banqueting hall which I was subsequently invited to. We all sat round a wooden table in the main hall waiting for Macbeth?s feast he had prepared for us. Macbeth and his queen wife, Lady Macbeth, They were both upon their thrones which were raised from the ground. Macbeth stepped down and soon the low hum of mumbling grew to a halt. He told us to sit and welcomed us to his feast. What happened next I found unusual, he announced he was going to join us at our table instead of sitting with his wife at the throne. Lady Macbeth kept her place as the banquet went on.

From the corner of my eye I then noticed someone entered the room. At first glanced I presumed it to be Banquo as he had not arrived yet, but then I took a closer look and found it to be no one I knew. Macbeth also had seen this strange man at the doorway and arose and proclaimed that he would be away for a few minutes. It interested me why Macbeth left so abruptly and why it was of such importance. I glanced around and saw my fellow lords deep in conversation so I used the chance to slip away from the table.

I leant against the wall so I was just out of Macbeth?s sight. I joined them mid conversation and attempted to settle into their quiet chat. As I joined them my astonishment rose as I heard Macbeth mutter the words ? There is blood upon thy face?. I was extremely startled to hear the disturbing news which followed. ?Tis Banquo?s then?. I was absolutely amazed to hear what was being said.

I stayed close to the wall listening in on what was said. Macbeth utterly stunned me by saying ?Is he dispatched??. These words could incriminate Macbeth and he would be lynched for having this carried out. I was totally confused, because as far as I knew, Macbeth and Banquo had been friends longer than anyone could remember. They had shared all sorts of experiences together. This sickened me to hear that Macbeth had carried out such a terrible deed. Macbeth made a pun about Banquo?s death by saying the murderer was the best at his profession. I could not understand why Macbeth would have Banquo killed.

Macbeth was happy at this point and seemed in an really good mood. But soon enough his expression turned and he was angry at the man because he had the learnt that Fleance had escaped. I was bewildered at this, how could he endorse the killing of a young child? They continued the conversation and Macbeth mentioned how angry he was. As their conversation progressed I could not help but notice that Macbeth would continually avoid using the word death. He would use euphemisms to express this.

Not only had I discovered this shocking news but I then learnt of the brutal way in which Banquo?s death had occurred. He was beaten twenty times in the head with a strong piece of wood. This was a disgusting act of lunacy. Macbeth next referred to Banquo as a serpent and Fleance as a worm. He meant by this that although Fleance had scampered he was no threat to Macbeth. The conversation ended and the Murderer left unnoticed. Macbeth then came to return to his seat and I followed behind him without him noticing.

His wife then reminded him to conduct a speech whilst he was standing. He wished us all good health which was ironic in a way as he was the one who had had Banquo murdered. I was so angry at what he mentioned next, he had the audacity to say he was unhappy at the fact that Banquo could not join them. Ross one of Macbeth friends stepped up and said in a word that Banquo was untrustworthy. He only mentioned this to get on the good side of Macbeth.

Macbeth circled the table and was asked to join us upon this feast. What next happened puzzled me. He proclaimed that the table we were at was full. I glanced around and saw right beside me an empty space. He was asked to be seated once again then made a strange accusation that someone had done something to the seat. ?Thou canst not say I did it?. I sat there thinking what was he on about, and what had he done. His face was white with fear but nobody understood what the problem was. Soon enough Lady Macbeth made a short speech commenting on how Macbeth was not well, and that everyone should carry on as if nothing had happened.

She took him by the hand away from the crowd of lords. Curiosity got the better of me so I avoided the eyes of many and managed to listen into their conversation. His fear was not false, he claimed it would appal the eyes of the devil to have seen what he had. She did not believe him and then I heard what I believe to be a confession. ?This is the air drawn dagger which you said led you to Duncan?. This was amazing not only had he murdered Banquo but our king Duncan. She went on to call him a coward and insulting his manliness. He called and pointed at something but I could not see a thing along with Lady Macbeth. This was truly puzzling, I could not see who or what he was so frightened of. It made you feel uneasy witnessing what I had.

He then began speaking aloud to himself saying that when someone is dead they should stay that way and not arise to haunt. By this time Lady Macbeth had calmed down and had changed her mood by applying to Macbeth asking him to be seated. Macbeth continually had a changing mood and was now of a calmer state than before. He also said that it was down to an illness he had contracted during his youth. He then said come love and health to all and expressed how much he missed Banquo. I was ready to storm out at this point. He kept emphasising how much he missed him and how the group would be complete if he were there.

We sat at our seats and everything seemed to be a lot calmer now but it wasn?t for long. Once again Macbeth arose from his seat claiming whatever he had seen before had returned to the room. He then began describing what he saw which puzzled me in a way Macduff, because from what he described had the same characteristics as a ghost or something that was undead, a zombie for example. But the way in which he made it sound it must have been true evil as he compared it to all sorts of things which were devastating themselves, but he said they were nothing in comparison to what he could see.

Lady Macbeth abruptly stood up and said that he has ruined the first meeting with the lords and disgraced himself. Macbeth?s heavy breathing seemed to slow and he was acting confused why all the rest of us were not so scared. Ross questioned this but was interrupted by Lady Macbeth and bid us all fare well, as she thought it would be a sensible idea that we left Macbeth alone. We said our goodbye?s and even I was ready to leave but I had an urge to stay and discover what was wrong. The final person slammed the door and then the hall returned to peace.

Macbeth stood there and said ?Blood will have blood? This I took him to mean that if you kill, in time you will be killed yourself. Lady Macbeth questioned this by saying she did not understand what he was trying to discuss. Macbeth asked why you, Macduff had not attended the banquet. Lady Macbeth replied by asking if you had been killed. This worried me, I believe they may come after you next so I think you should be aware of what Macbeth is planning. ?I will send? These three words are what Macbeth said so you should worry for your own personal safety.

Macbeth is planning on sending a spy to keep track of you and so he knows where to find you. Macbeth is no ordinary person, he claims that he is too deep into murdering that there is no return. He has also vowed that what ever stands in his way shall face the wrath of his temper. This man is clearly psychotic. Their conversation soon ended and Lady Macbeth said that he was tired and that what he needed was to sleep.

From hearing what I heard back on that night I believe you should be concerned for your safety. Itis only a matter of time before Macbeth will kill again and you may be his next victim.


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