American Law Essay Research Paper Throughout the

American Law Essay, Research Paper

Throughout the United States there are many different laws among the fifty states that make up this union. The laws are different throughout the states because of the need of the laws. Living in one state and not having the advantages or disadvantages of a law in another state would not be that unfair or unequal. This is true because if you don?t like a law in your state you could always fight it and try to change it or you could always move out of that state and go to one that has the laws that you like.

One of the big issues in life today is gun safety. Due to the recent high school shootings many legislatures are pushing for stricter gun laws. In Montana you can?t carry a concealed weapon inside city, town or logging camp limits but if you have a permit you can carry a concealed weapon in many instances. Where as in Wisconsin the state does not give permits that give a person the right to carry a concealed weapon, if caught with a concealed weapon it is a misdemeanor. Now looking at these two cases would you say that this is unfair to the people in Wisconsin because they can?t walk around the streets with a concealed gun. I don?t think that it is unfair but in fact a precaution that Wisconsin has, and they are actually looking out for the safety of their citizens.

Another law that we can look at is drinking and driving. All the states have different laws on how high your blood alcohol level can be. After reviewing some of the laws I found that in Vermont if your are pulled over with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 you are legally drunk. If it is your first offense your license is suspended for 7 days, barley enough time for you to get sober. Next door to Vermont we have the state of New Hampshire where the law is similar except one part. If you are a first offender with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 your license is suspended for 6 months. Why is it like that? Who knows, but it isn?t that unfair. If you are drinking and driving you should be taught a lesson even if one state thinks it only takes a week and the other thinks it takes half a year.

If your in Virginia and are sitting at home and are bored you can turn on your police scanner and find out what is going on around town. As long as you aren?t helping in a felony there is nothing wrong with it. In New York it is a different story, it is illegal to posses a police scanner. That isn?t unfair because in New York they are trying to keep police business police business and not citizens? business.

As I said at first the states in this union have many different laws but none of them are written in stone. With a little determination people are able to change law that they aren?t happy with and that is why the laws in effect aren?t unfair. Anyway if you follow your own state laws you shouldn?t have to worry how fair or unfair they are.

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