Antigone Essay Research Paper Tragic Hero CreonIn

Antigone Essay, Research Paper

Tragic Hero: Creon

In order for a character to qualify as the tragic hero they must

posses all of these qualities: high standing, a major flaw, and a downfall.

A tragic hero is someone that is usually of royalty, of nobility, honest, or

brave. During the story they usually show a major flaw or weakness.

This usually leads to their downfall, loss of power, or even death. Many

stories have tragic heroes.

Creon came into power when Oedipus was exiled and died.

Throughout the play, Antigone, Creon exemplifies many characteristics.

Some are selfishness, stubbornness, and pride. He is selfish because he

does only want he wants to do and listens to no one else. He shows his

stubbornness when he is unwilling to let Antigone live even though she

committed a crime. He thinks that he is always right and that he is loved

and adored by all, a true example of pride.

His characteristics and tendencies lead to his tragic flaw. He feels

that Haimon is too young to know what he is talking about especially

when it comes to Antigone. Creon believes that Haimon is blinded by

love. Creon wouldn’t even take anything that Haimon said into

consideration. He also did the same thing with Teiresias, a blind prophet

who has always been right in other situations. Teiresias told Creon that

his actions have angered the Gods and that it would be in his best interest

to let Antigone go free, otherwise his family would be cursed and he

would suffer a great deal. Creon, whom was obviously in denial, didn’t

believe a word Teiresias said and accused him of lying and taking bribes

from the people.

After Teiresias left, Creon has a sudden change of heart and

realizes that it would be in his best interest to let Antigone live. Upon

arriving at the vault where Antigone is held Creon finds that she has

hanged himself. Haimon is mourning at her feet, he then lunged at Creon

and missed. Desperate he drove the sword into himself. Back at the

castle Eurydice has heard the news and also commits suicide. It isn’t long

before Creon realizes that everyone that he cared for and loved is now

dead and it is because of his selfishness and unwillingness to believe the

truth. He wishes himself dead but the Gods will not allow it, for it is not

his time to go.

Creon has to live with the consequences of his actions. His bad

characteristics overcame the good but lost in the end. He thought that he

was doing what was right only because according to him it was right. If

he would have listened to Haimon and Teiresias he would have been able

to prevent all the tragedy that took place. He was too blind to see the


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