The Many Faces Of A Criminal Essay

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A criminal is someone who violates law for the purpose of obtaining their desires, causing in the breakdown of society. This definition is both clear and complete. Criminals are known mainly for their craftiness and bent character. They use this quality to intrude on the privacy of others, thus resulting in the acts of violence or sinfulness. These unlawful individuals are what society deems as offenders, convicts, villains, thieves and much more. To study a criminal is to know that they are hot tempered, controlling and insecure. What makes a criminal unique is their inability to utilize such great potential and cleverness, quite like how man has not yet learned to harness the power of lighting.

It is safe to say that all criminals are disruptive by nature. With their sinister and devilish minds they are capable of shaking up even the most sound of individuals. Criminals possess dark, cold and shady personalities, which in fact, are adept to crippling even the healthiest of specimens. They make a habit of disguising their true identity through dishonesty and sneakiness. One cruel and fraudulent action follows another. This foolish and unwise trait is one of the things that distinguish law-abiding citizens from criminals.

Another definite indication of a criminal is that they perpetrate wrongdoings that negatively impact onto society. To put it into a clear and concise way, criminals are society s diseases. Their crooked and corrupt actions see no light at the end of the tunnel. To imagine a bloodthirsty murderer, morbid enough to enjoy the slaughtering of a school bus full of children is just intolerable and horrendous. To be able to stomach such a massacre requires the strength of a lunatic. And what about the thieves and burglars? Are they are so different from the murderers? Of course not! The severity of the actions may have been totally different from a legal and personal standpoint, but it all roots back to sin and violating our brothers and sisters.

Furthermore, an additional factor that allows a criminal to remain a culprit is their attitudes toward life and society. Criminals appear to approach their day expressing their usual discomfort for being in trouble with the law. Fear turns into rage and rage results into not caring for anyone, including themselves. This attitude is shown through a criminal s disparaging demeanour. Nervousness and the bloodcurdling cry for help is loud and obnoxious. Intimidation also runs rampant in their minds as they lack a healthy conscience. To be a criminal is to thrive on greed. It s not what you can do for society, it is what society can do for you! This kind of attitude is what defines a criminal. Through their unjust and illegal methods, criminals always manage a way of operating in a calm and collective manner as they take aim for their target. This is most definitely a Me first! mentality.

All this suffering and for what? It is just reinforces the fact that criminals violate the law to fulfill their own lust. Criminals feel no remorse, nor do they care who are harming. They choose to contradict what society s values and they also choose to act in an aggressive fashion. The most dangerous part about a criminal is not they are menacing character or scandalous ways, but it is the many faces they present. A lack of suspicion can prove to be hazardous because these criminals live amongst us.


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