Hitler Essay Research Paper Adolph HitlerThe thing

Hitler Essay, Research Paper

Adolph Hitler

The thing that amazed me most about Hitler was that he was such a horrible person but he had a lot of followers.

This report will be about Hitler?s life before the war his, his life during the war and his life after the war

Adolph Hitler was born in the city of Austria and had one sister and two brothers. Hitler’s relationship to his father was not at all good his father brutally beat Hitler for the smallest thing that was wrong. Although his relationship to his father was terrible, his relationship to his mother was great; she was the only one to save him from his father?s harsh beatings. Hitler sang in the chorus at church, although it was a small contribution he did it well and with pride.

When Hitler sent out looking for a profession his had is sights sent on being an artist, but never succeeded in doing so because people did not think that his art was brilliant or the least bit interesting. While he was looking for another profession he painted on the side for small amounts of cash, because that is all that people would pay for his art.

When Hitler joined the war his assignment was to be the battalion messenger, which meant he would have to run back and forth across the line of fire, a job suit to fit one with courage and much braveness. When he was serving in the war he was injured, the injury affected the eyes and made him nearly go blind. As a sign of extreme bravery he was awarded the most prestigious award for war, the Iron Cross. When the Germans lost the war Hitler blamed three people for loosing the war, he blamed the Jews, the Communists and Parliament.

Hitler though the treaty or Versailles was a complete joke and an embarrassment to the Germans.

When Hitler found out that he had a talent in making speeches he put it to good work. His first speech was at the start of the depression when he told all the people that it is not their fault for loosing the. The subject of his early speeches consisted of thing that the people wanted to hear. The style that Hitler used in his speeches was unique he started out really slow and quiet then got really loud until he was screaming. The thing s that appealed the German people about Hitler?s speeches is that he told them what they wanted to hear and how they were not at fault for loosing the war.

Hitler joined the Nazi party when he learned that he had a good power to speak. When they found out that he had joined the party he was arrested and taken to prison. In prison he wrote a book called Mein Kampf. The nickname for the book was called the Nazi bible because it had all of the Nazi beliefs in it.

Germany in 1932 was in a depression were a lot of people killed themselves. People in the Nazi party voted for Hitler because he promised to get them out of depression and to save the country. While he was telling the Germans this, behind the scenes he was planning one the greatest attempts to take over the world.

Hitler plays on the emotions of the people to gain his support by doing many different things. He burnt down the Reichstag building and then said that it was the chancellor that burnt it down and that he would get them back for it. He also started saying and passing on propaganda about the Jewish People by comparing them to rats, and making fun of their beliefs.

Hitler promised many things to the Germans. He promised to restore the greatness of the Aryan nation. He made a sense of relaxation among the German people. Since they didn’t have to struggle so much for daily existence, they had time for fun, outdoor recreation, the arts, and sitting around beer halls and cafes. Among these people, the name Adolph Hitler was likely to bring a smile, perhaps getting him a bit confused with the great film comedian Charlie Chaplin who looked like him and even had some of the same body language. So they thought he so a good, trustworthy man.

Hitler had seen the swastika each day when he was attending catholic schools. They had it carved into statues and wooden tables. He realized one thing the movement lacked was a recognizable symbol or flag. In the summer of 1920, Hitler chose the symbol, which to this day remains perhaps the most infamous in history, the swastika symbol. Hitler also mad a Nazi salute to symbolize power and a bold way to show appreciation.

Hitler made sure that his desires were clear. He banned jazz and R&B music and they were only allowed to listen to strong music such as Wagner. Hitler thought it made them feel more powerful and it did change their moods.

Hitler took away a lot of freedoms of the people, but they still followed him. He took away their elections, he burned holy books and books that he found were “untrue” or not of his worth. He made many arrests without trials or warrants, mostly arrests of the Jews.

Hitler dreamed of a perfect society. He believed that some nationalities were not “pure,” so he killed them and threw them out. These were mostly people not of the Aryan race. He killed and threw out people that were physically and mentally handicapped, and the socially and politically unacceptable. He believes that they were all poison to his dreams of a perfect world.

Hitler put many restrictions on the Jewish people. He made them wear stars on the clothes. He made them live in a separate part of the cities. They were only allowed to shop on certain days at certain times and only in certain shops. Hitler slaughtered many Jews all in one night. They called it The Night of the Broken Glass. This was because his soldiers broke their windows to go kill them.

Hitler put them all into concentration camps where they were beaten and worked hard labor until dead. They often caught deadly illnesses due to the uncleanliness of these camps and died of that as well.

Hitler hated the Jews. He hated them beyond belief. He started a holocaust. A sacrifice of millions or just one by fire. He killed over 11million Jews. Many were burned in The Holocaust.

When Austria called for plebiscite on Austrian independence, Hitler demanded and received his resignation. He was not very happy with this. He didn’t want any power given back to Austria.

The many wars fought between were the Blitzkrieg War was he fought against the Polish, the Hollanders and the French.

The allies defeated Germany in WWII. The allies consisted of the English, the United States, and the Russia.

When Hitler lost the war he went into an underground bunker and killed his wife and then killed himself and ask that his body be burned. Later that day Germany surrendered to the allies.

Several new facts I now know are that Hitler lied to get into power by deceiving the people into believing the Jews were the enemy. Hitler’s family dating back to his grandparents was actually part Jewish and the perfect nation that he tried to create made no sense because he wasn?t an Arian. The Swastika, which was the symbol of his empire, was actually adapted form a symbol from the boarding school in which Hitler attended at an early age. Hitler was responsible for the death of 5.8 million people, which is the third largest mass killing of all time.

Hitler?s action not only led to the killing of the Jews but also made his own people suffer especially during the war when he pushed his troops father and farther until they ran out of supplies and died. Hitler caused turmoil across the world, dividing families, splitting countries and killing innocent people.

In order to prevent this from happening we need to remember our rights before we vote in such a menace.



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