The Necessity Of Web Pages Essay Research

The Necessity Of Web Pages Essay, Research Paper

In today’s modern world, in order to reach the most amount of people, using the least amount of time and money, one must have a web page. A web page is your universal, non-misplacable, chockfull of information, business card. It can display everything that the consumer needs to know, everything from prices to products, from times to locations. In order to succeed, you need a web page.

Now, in order to display all this great content that one has brewing in their brain, one MUST get a domain. A domain is the physical local where the information for the web page is stored. Some domains offer vast amounts of space but slow download speeds; whereas others offer phenomenal download speed, but no for graphics, movies or other things to spruce up a page. When choosing a domain one must consider the name that the customer must type in to get to the web page. If one registers a web page with geocities, their url, or Universal Resource Locator, which indicates the page internet location would be something like,; not exactly easy to remember is it? But if one were to have, or register, their own url then the address could be,; which is much more personal and professional.

To make the site “surfer-friendly” one should plan out the content of the web page and make sure that it is easy to navigate. When trying to make the web page look professional and “user friendly” frames versus flash is always a big controversy. Some people believe that because of the higher quality of images and interaction and motion that flash provides that it is the best when considering how to improve a page. I happen to believe, however, that because frames offers the same style of navigation, but also has a much smaller download time that it is the superior option. If one now knows what format they want, one should now plan out what the content should be.

If one believes that they can do no more to the plan and one believes that the page is ready to publish then it is time to learn java, html, Microsoft™ Frontpage?, or flash; depending on what one choose as their format. I do not recommend using a publisher, whether it be geocities or frontpage, because then the web page designer isn’t learning and it is the cheap easy way out, that doesn’t always get one what they want. Publish the finished page to the server so that everyone can view it, there is only one step left.

Now that everything is up and running there is only one thing left to do, ADVERTISE!! The only possible way to get people to see ones web site is to tell them about it. If they do not know it is there, they will not go. There are several ways to advertise, leave your web address on the answering machine, tell friends, put it on ones business card, join a web ring (a web ring is a ring of web pages all related to each other), and/or create banners to put on other peoples sites. Banners are images and/or links that contain information about one’s site and attract customers, like a magazine advertisement.

This is the process for creating a web page. It is very important to create a web page to fully impact an audience and get meaning and message across.


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