Tragedy Of Julius Caeser Essay Research Paper

Tragedy Of Julius Caeser Essay, Research Paper


TRAGEDY OF JULIUS CAESER by William Shakespeare. On February 14 cassius and Brutus plan to kill Caesar so he will not become king. Caesar had just defeated Pompey. A soothsayer tried to warn Caesar about the Ides of March. Caesar takes it lightly though. On early morning of March 15 Brutus is unable to sleep because his conscience is bothering him about Caesar becoming king if he does not kill him. Calpurnia tries to not get Caesar to go to the senate house because of the dream she had. He decides to go anyway. The conspirators assassinated Caesar before he got to the senate house. The murder of Caesar scares the people. Brutus says he killed him because of his love for Rome. Antony gives his speech to the Romans about the death of Caesar and makes the crowd question Brutus s honor. Portia killed herself by drinking poison about six weeks later. The ghost of Caesar comes to Brutus and tells him to meet him at Phillipi. He decides to and goes. In the plains of phillipi Brutus and cassius meet Antony for a battle. Unsuspectingly Brutus and cassius commit suicide. Octavius becomes the leader of Rome. There were three tragedies in this story, The murder of Caesar and the deaths of Brutus and cassius.

Caesar was murdered by Brutus and cassius on march 15. Brutus says he done it for his love of Rome. Cassius had done it because of jealously of Caesar. (672) They were afraid what would happen to Rome if Caesar ruled Rome. This is where the story starts to coming to the falling action.

Another tragedy was when cassius killed himself. (714) He asked Pindarus to kill him. He asks this because he saw the ravens and crows flying around in the sky. It gave him the sign that he was gonna die. He deprived Antony of the honor of killing cassius. He killed himself with the sword that once had the blood of Caesar on it. That was an honor to him to know he killed Caesar with that sword.

When Brutus killed himself it turned into a tragedy. (719) Brutus killed himself by asking Strato to hold his sword and then Brutus jumped on it. He did it so Antony would not have the honor to. He also did it because he saw the crows and ravens flying. He saw the ghost of Caesar and that gave him the idea too. He already knew that cassius had died so he thought he would too because he knew he was gonna die any ways.

There were three tragedies in this story. I think that if they did not kill Caesar Rome would have gone down. I think they were right about that. On the other hand I think if Brutus ruled he would have treated the Romans just like Caesar would have. I think the only thing that came out good was octavius became ruler.


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