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Jane Eyre Essay, Research Paper


a character analysis

Becoming a memorable hero in literature is not an easy thing. Your life is

exposed to the public eye, critics scorn your motives, and, far crueler, AP English

teachers force their students to write a character analysis about every aspect of your

being. However, once in a blue moon, a hero springs up that, strangely enough, is

interesting enough that certain ambitious students find him or her so intriguing that

they type a three thousand word essay praising or denouncing the story.

Jane Eyre is not that kind of hero. Anyone who can write on the subject for more

than two hours leads a very dull life. The book is four hundred pages long and full of

long-winded details by the fore-mentioned individual. The title character in Charlotte

Bronte’s Jane Eyre does have her high qualities, though. She is virtuous, independent,

assertive, and does not accept defeat. These attributes alone, however, are not what

makes this women admirable. It is the fact that Jane succeeds in life despite her lack of

social standing, family, independent wealth, or beauty that makes her a hero of modern


The idea that a women could dare to attempt controlling her destiny is hardly a

new idea. The Bible (written thousands of years before Jane Eyre) is full of examples of

assertive women unwilling to let the incompetent men around them ruin their lives. A

famous example derives from the story of Tamar and Judah. When Tamar allegedly

sinned with an unknowing Judah, he realized “she did it because I did not give her to

my son Shelah.” (Genesis, 38:26). A few thousand years later, Sophocle’s wrote about

the tragic tale of Antigone, the princess of Thebes, who stood up against her wicked

uncle Creon to do what she thought was right. William Shakespeare filled his plays

with brave women willing…

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