Fitting The Poor Into The Econ Essay

, Research Paper

In the article “Fitting the Poor into the Economy” Herbert Gans provides a

number of antidotes to poverty which i fell will help sturgling familys and

help the economy as a whole.

One of the many atiodotes Herbet Gans sugguest is to provide

fulltime enployment rather then providing welfare. I feel this is an excellent

sugguestion toward ending poverty in the U.S. Instead of people sitting back

collecting welfare checks they would be out earning thier money while

becoming an active particaten in society. I also strongly feel that this idea

alone would help end the on going trend of recieving welfare pasted on from

one family member to the next.

Another antidote Herbet Gans provides is a more generous welfare

system. This antidote I strongly disargee with. I feel that providing more

money will make people have the mind set of “why work when the goverment

will pay for everything for us?” I feel if people are recieving welfare they

should’nt be recieving to much so that they will have the mind set that

“the goverment is’nt going to pay for everything. I need to get a job to

support myself.” This is the attitude i feel someone on welfare should have

inorder to get themseleves out of the welfare system.

While reading the article I’ve thought of many different soultions to the

poverty problem that surround us. One is to open up more deptment malls

throughout the inner city. This will provide more work oppertuities

for people in the “Ghettos” were there is a lack of jobs. Plus many people

living in proverty lack a college and sometimes a high school education

which makes it dificult to find job oppertunities. This will open up many job

opertunities for people living in proverty which will hopefully be a steping

stone for further and higher paying enployment.

Another idea is to provde free trade schooling for all people who

seek it and are on welfare. This gives them an excellent chance to get

themselves out of proverty. This can be done by instead of using tax payers

money on millon dollar missles they should use it to make it a better and

more productive society for the billions of peoples living in the U.S. and the

way to do that is by giving people the chance to learn a trade for free. I look

at it this way if you provide people with a chace to learn a trade and get a job

you will have far fewer people living in poverty.

Inconclusion I feel there is a number of different ways to help people

get out of poverty, but we just need someone who is willing to do something

about it.


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