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My Writer?s Profile Essay, Research Paper

My writer?s profile starts first with a subject. I sometimes go to or to get the latest and best news from around the world. has by far the best reports from around the world, they have a lot of inside sources in many countries and things that are going on in the world that you would never hear about anywhere else. It is a good news site on the web if you want all the details from little to big about any news topic. I then find a few subjects that I would like to report on and depending on the essay topic, I will then go from there.

Once I find a subject to write on, I try to get as much information about the subject and write down key factors of the subject on a note pad. Once I achieved 10 to 15 key facts, then I?m ready for the draft. As I sit down at my desk at home I try to get as relaxed as I can. I then turn the radio on, not to loud nor not to soft, just a presence of music. I then like to make some coffee, light and sweet with a hint of clove. As I sip on the coffee and go over my notes, I light up my cigarette to get the nicotine I desire, haw I?m finally relaxed.

Now relaxed I go over all my notes and bits of topics that I jotted down. I try to think of the best and most interesting facts of the subject to present to my audience to keep their interest in my story. Once I figured out what facts on the story I think my audience would be most interested in, I then proceed and take those selected topics and try to think of the best order to place them in my story. Like a puzzle its not easy. Once I achieve my story lay out, and how to present the topics, it?s time for a break.

The break was most refreshing, with a renewed sense of compassion for my story, its time to get on my computer and go to Microsoft word. I then start to type and type and type until I?m finished. Then comes my conclusion at the end of the story which is my opinion on the subject. I try to bring the audience who have a different opinion of the subject, the purpose of the story by recalling the main idea and facts of my paper. I then make a strong statement about it that will stick in my audiences minds. Will my stories change your opinion?


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