People And Work 2 Essay Research Paper

People And Work 2 Essay, Research Paper

Selection and recruitment its very important task of organisations ,and include all the considerations and activities involved in sequence of attracting ,selecting, starting new employees and retaining the best. The process of selection is perhaps the most important of activities in managing human resources .First of all we should give a definition of recruitment and selection Dowling and Shuler said that recruitment is ?Searching for and obtaining potential job candidates in sufficient numbers and quality so that the organisation can select the most appropriate people to fill its jobs needs?. Selection Lewis can be defined as? The activity in which the organisation uses one or more methods to assets individuals with a view to making a decision concerning their suitability to join that organisation.

Recruitment is often distinguished from selection by the claim that recruitment it a positive act ,that is it is attempting to attract a pool of suitable candidates for a position ,whilst selection is a negative process ,that is reducing the likely candidates down to the number that are to be successful.

The aim of policy on recruitment should be to locate and attract good quality applicants and tom make valid ,reliable and cost effective decision about whom to select. The first consideration is the best way to attract good quality applicants. Whether good quality applicants apply for vacant position depends on a number of factors. Among the most significant are the following a)the reputation of the company as a good employer b)how well the vacancy has been advertised c) the attractiveness of the salary and conditions of service d)whether potential applicants think they can do the job e) whether the jobs looks interesting and satisfying.

The key elements in resourcing (expressed similarly in marketing) are: a) To find the right person

b)To find at the right time

c)To find at the right price

d)To find at the right place

When we say to find the right person, we mean that as suggested earlier ,selection is two way process: the candidates will have expectation of the employer just as much as the employer about the candidate .most job candidates would find it unusual if a job interview did not form at least some part of the selection process despite its lack of reliability and validity. At the right time we mean that the process of recruitment and selection can be quite long and drawn out. The period of time that may elapse between permissions being grated for position to be filed and final selection(and the successful candidate taking up the job) might quite easily run to several months. The priority should be to select the right person for the job rather than merely to fill the vacancy. Mistakes in selection can be expensive and rued over a number of years. At the right price is the more complex the selection process. If a number of techniques are used in series it is probable that not only will the time taken increase but also it is likely that a larger number of staff will need to be involved. The amount to be spent on selection will depend on a number of factors ,among which will be a) the relative importance of the position b)how crucial the appointment of the ?right ? person is c)if the job requires the performance of a ?critical? skills (eg airline pilot)then more time and effort may need to be developed to selection. Finally when we said at the right place we mean that many jobs will require the holder to have particular attributes, skill or qualities. These might include physical fitness ,the possession of Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV)licence, programming skills in various computer languages. If such qualities are essential then it is the best to test them yourself rather than rely on either the word of the candidate or some ancient certificate. There are remain like retention , development ,succession , rejection.

The most times the employer try to find new employees .employer wants the employee to have some typical things. Employer must be able to demonstrate that the employee was selected for redundancy on a basis that is fair and for which evidence is available for years a common basis for selection for redundancy was ?last in first out?. This is clear and simple way. Using such a method is too crude and simplistic. Many organisation redundcy. Employer make redundant those member of staff whose contribution are seethe benefits of using more complex methods for selection for least valuable. They will apply such criteria as the standard of performance and levels of skills as the basic of selection. This criteria may be are: knowledge?s kills, personal characteristics , successful performance of the job, flexibility ,age, profitability health, strength, personal appearance, speech and manner ,emotional stability ,ability to stand up to strees and ability to get on with people, energy, educational, qualification, vocational, training and experience. Also thinking and mental skills, the particular skills needed for this job, the personal interests that could be relevant to the performance of the job, the personality type that is most suitable for the position.

But there is a lot methods of selection apart from levels skills and standard of performance. Few of these methods are , applications forms ,interview ,taking up references ,test, unsoiled application ,agency. But its good to analyse this methods one to one. Firstly application forms .the most organisation require the candidate to completing CV which the most times is standard. The style of the forms should be consistent with what is expected of the job holders. Then with interview . There is a lot of types of interview like individual and panel interviews. With the interviews have the opportunity for the applicant to find about the employer as the employer to find out about the applicant(for example to meet their future supervisor). The judgement is how and what the person answer. With the ?reference the people answer about themselves. Also there are a lot of types of tests like personality tests , intelligent tests , proficiency tests, aptitude tests. The justify for test are the position is comparatively senior, the cost can be reabsorbed easily , the degree of predictive validity that they are able to offer is sufficiently high. Assessment centre?s help a lot of times the employers because the assessment try to find for them good new employees.

There are some of the techniques tht manager should be used if they don?t want to makes fails. Because the organisation should employ a lot of money to the new employee. This money are for the training , advertising, sickness rates, agency. First of all we should mention some thing about training. There are a lot of types of training. Few of them selection learning ,coaching, computer based learning, developing team training room instruction. The training cost a lot of money to employer and to organisation . because with the training cost include the direct cost plus the work lost. Also when one employee take the basic train ask for more money because have higher level. than before. Some employee need train to know how to use computer and web ,machines, work roles ,healthy and safety arrangements.

With the advertising the employer cost allot of money. That?s why they must be careful and clear about what new employees want for this job.

If employee take time of sick this will have a consequent effect on, and cost for employees. The higher the level of sickness ,the greater the cost, particularly if temporary or overtime must be used to complete a work. That?s why the employer its good to know personal details about the employee.

The employer and the organisation give money to agency ( carees office, job centres ,commercial recruitment agencies universities existing employee contacts)to find the most appropriate new employee

To sum up we include that all the consequences have relationship with the cost at the time. The organisation want to not spend money and time. It is always better not to employ someone in the first place rather than to have to dismiss the once the have commenced work and been found to be unsatisfactory





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