Do You Think That Television Is A

Force For Good, A Harmful Influence, Or Both Essay, Research Paper

Do you think that television is a

force for good, a harmful influence, or both ? What would you do to reduce

its potential to harm ? young people in particular. Television is a source for top

entertainment adored by all ages but the programs are influencing the eyes of

the viewers both in a good and bad way. Violence, sex and bad language is

currently shown at earlier and earlier times, leaving especially children

prone to mature viewing. With the television the most watched

object in the country, it is not a surprise that nearly everyone has one in

their homes. Due to such expectations from the high attendance, each channel

must broadcast whatever will make them the most money. This normally includes

exciting and "saucy" scenes. TV nowadays is a huge icon to children as

this influences them more than anything. They enjoy programs such as

"Power Rangers" which teach them to fight whenever in trouble. The

acting seems so realistic to the children that they imitate it, causing

violence. But Parents are unaware that children

react to TV in such a way. Most encourage watching the television but are

shocked to find their son or daughter swearing. Surely this is inevidable.

Often the elders don?t even know if their child is watching the box at

certain times such as if a TV is in their bedroom or Mum and Dad are late

home from work. TV also encourages rebellion against Parents from such shows

as "Roseanne". This threatened the discipline in the child?s life

as they begin to ignore not just their parents but everyone, resulting in bad

language, scruffy clothes, aggressiveness and sexual precociousness. Ten years ago television would have never

shown "The Jerry Springer Show" but in this day and age companies

would do anything to gain viewers, even if it is morally corrupt. It teaches

them to have no feelings or to know right from wrong. Nowadays, it is difficult to predict the

maturity of the children as there is such a wide range. So in order to be

safe, and not sorry, the broadcasters must expect the viewers to be younger

than they really are. This could eventually reduce any adult material in any

program. Also depending on the maturity of the children, one could react to

adult material in a better way than another could. But isn?t television watched in order to

get away from our boring lives. Don?t we stare at the television, hours on

end, to watch the Warrior Princess beat the evil dragon and gain the love of

the Prince. We don?t want to see normal everyday events.Although there is a lack of educational

programs, that doesn?t mean the people aren?t learning anything. The wide

range of sport broadcasted encourages watchers to participate in hobbies.

Other shows help youths to deal with social problems from unlikely scenes in

Eastenders about drugs, sex and everyday problems. It is a moral tutor,

guiding us through live. With all the magical and graphic shows on

television people surely must be expanding their imagination and creativity.

In the later future these ideas will build the next generation for the

better. Why are the broadcasters being blamed for

what is on television when it is the parents fault to let their children

watch it. Thousands of complains a day are sent towards broadcasters,

claiming the youngsters have "picked off by television." Surely

some of the parents are finding a scapegoat for their mistakes and others

afraid to find out what they could learn. The reason why parents are so

negative about the TV is that in their youth there was no such pleasures or

if so not to such a high quality. Although all the advantages of the

television is important, children watch far to much of it when they should be

doing more constructive work. So therefore there must be discipline from the

parents in order to reduce watching hours. This involves mainly the off switch

but other solutions could be used. Parents need to spend more hours with

their children trying to help them develop their mind. A great way to do this

is in literature, which is another source of entertainment. Also there should

only be a maximum of two TV in each families house. Both in neutral areas

e.g. The sitting-room and the kitchen. All these ideas from television alter the

behaviour of the young in the long and short run but we all could not live

without a television in our everyday lives. It teaches us the basics, Sesame

Street, and other knowledge?s, Countdown. We may all like it for its homour

or seriousness. But nevertheless adult material will always be shown on this

box of never ending stories.


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