Brittany Butterfield And The BackToSchool Blues Essay

Brittany Butterfield And The Back-To-School Blues Essay, Research Paper

Brittany Butterfield and the Back-to-School Bluesby Wendy Corsi Staub Brittany Butterfield and the Back-to-School Blues by Wendy CorsiStaub is a fiction story of a girl, Brittany Butterfield, who is having a toughtime trying to fit in at her new school, Keelan Grove High. She was right inher assumption that none of her friends would be in her classes. She hatedthe thought of going to Keelan Grove because she knew she would have tomake all new friends. The first day at Keelan Grove High was a nightmare for Brittany. None of her friends were in her classes, and to make matters worse, her twobest friends both had boyfriends. Brittany was having enough trouble tryingto make friends. She could not imagine having a boyfriend. However, therewas one thing that she liked about her new school, the school newspaper. Brittany loved to write, and she wanted to become a writer. There wasa problem with that too though. Anyone on the school newspaper staff wasconsidered to be a nerd. Brittany became very depressed and withdrawn.

She felt as if her two best friends had abandoned her, and nothing was goingright for her at all. Just when she thought she could not take anymore,Brittany met a boy, Nathan. Brittany did not know it, but Nathan was her guardian angel. He toldher that he was from another school, and she believed him. They becamegood friends, and Nathan encouraged her to join the school newspaper. Heexplained to her that no matter what other people thought of her, she neededto pursue her dream to become a writer. Brittany finally joined the newspaper, and became one of their bestwriters. She began to make friends, and found out that being on the schoolnewspaper did not mean that she was a nerd. Nathan, knowing that Brittanywould be all right, went back to heaven. Brittany Butterfield and the Back-to-School Blues was an excellentbook. One can learn a valuable lesson from Brittany s story. Going after adream does not mean that one is a nerd. In fact, people should go after theirdreams. I would encourage anyone to read this book.


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