Prayer In School Essay Research Paper The

Prayer In School Essay, Research Paper

The writers of the constitution saw how the kings and queens of many European countries used religion to mold the general population s ideas. For this reason, they decided not to make a government based religion. Also, there are private schools that children may go to if they need to pray in school. If prayer in school is adopted, there will be more religious violence. And finally, it is against the constitution to force your beliefs on someone else.

There are private schools that are paid for by a tuition fee that is charged to the guardian of the child. If prayer is important to you, then by all means go to these schools where you and the rest of the student population agrees with your beliefs. I went to Our Lady of Guadeloupe in High Point, Seattle for kindergarten and first grade. At this private school, every morning we would go to the religious services and pray thoroughly throughout the day. Public schools are paid for by the taxpayers and by the state; therefore there should be no prayer in school.

If we do adopt prayer in school there will be more school violence including school shootings. The crazies at Columbine High School were, in there minds, fighting back at authority. Having religion in the school will only heighten the amount power pushed upon students. Many religions hold beliefs that they are right and everybody else is wrong, so what happens when two or more religions clash? The Protestants and Catholics are still fighting today. Schools would become even more violent and chaotic places then they are now.

The writers of the constitution made the first amendment against the idea of having religions formed for the state and they wrote it in the constitution congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. This means that no one should ever have a religion pushed on them, or should never push a religion on someone else. This also states that you can practice any religion you want.

People say that there has a moral decline in morality of Americans since we took prayer out of school. This is idea is totally ludicrous. Explain to me how much higher morals the slave owners had, how the Native Americans were treated, and the discrimination of children being used as cheap labor back when there was prayer in school. We need to keep church and state separate, period.

Do not use this essay if you reside in washington state, only use as notes =)


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