Hepititus Essay Research Paper Hepatitis ABCHepatitis is

Hepititus Essay, Research Paper

Hepatitis A,B,C

Hepatitis is a medical disease, which causes inflammation of the liver; your liver is an organ on the right side of your abdomen. The liver purifies your blood. The Hepatitis C virus is the second behind alcoholism among causes of liver disease and is the leading reason for liver transplants.

Hepatitis A is the first of the different viruses. Some of the symptoms of Hepatitis A are fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, and abdominal pain. An estimated 100 people die from the Hepatitis A virus a year. There are five most common ways to get this virus. The first is if you are in sexual contact with an infected person. Second, if you are an international traveler. Third, if you live with American Indians or live on a reservation with epidemic Hepatitis A. And lastly if you are around people during their outbreaks such as day care employees or injecting drug users. Hepatitis A has a vaccine, which is highly effective. Keeping good hygiene and sanitation will help prevent this virus.

Hepatitis B is the second virus. Some people with Hepatitis B have the same symptoms that mimic the flu such as, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, fever and yellowing skin and eyes along with other symptoms. About ninety percent of adults recover from Hepatitis B in a few months and will never get it again. There are many different ways to get this virus. A couple ways are blood transfusions prior to 1985, having hemophilia, living with an infected person, and traveling to countries with a high incidence of Hepatitis B. You can not get the virus by holding hands, visiting an infected person, sneezing or coughing or dry lip kissing. To avoid getting the virus you should get vaccinated, don t share chewing gum, sterilize all needles, and try not to have unprotected sex with multiple partners.

Hepatitis C is the third virus. An estimated three- percent of the world s population carries the virus. Because Hepatitis C produces no symptoms in its earliest stages, most infected people may spread it because they don t know they re infected. There is no effective vaccine for this virus. You should avoid unprotected sex with multiple partners, don t inject illegal drugs, and avoid body piercing and tattooing. People infected with Hepatitis C should not donate blood, organs, tissues or semen.

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