StressBusting Secrets Of Supe Essay Research Paper

Stress-Busting Secrets Of Supe Essay, Research Paper

Stress-Busting Secrets of Super Busy People

The journal article I reviewed revealed strategies that people use to

combat and control stress. It is a known fact that stress-free people think

more clearly. I will review several people from various backgrounds and

examine their secrets to eliminating stress.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee balances an extremely busy agenda and

travels often between her home in Houston and Washington D.C. Rep. Jackson Lee

is an attorney and a mother of two. Some of her favorite stress-reducing

activities include reading and working out on the treadmill. She also loves

the serenity of the ocean where she can relax and focus her thoughts to her

friends and family.

Memphis Mayor Dr. Willie W. Herenton loves to jog, play basketball, and

work in his yard. his 4.65-acre home provides him with the space and privacy to

enjoy time with his family away from the public eye. He stated that

undertaking a hobbyseems to be the best stress-buster for people.

Judge Joe Brown endured constant travel between Memphis and Los Angeles

before he retired from the criminal court bench. To ease the stress of his

hectic schedule, he found solace in athletic activities, horseback riding,

biking, and scuba diving in the Caribbean. As a single man, Judge Brown also

finds spending time with a special someone is a great way to reduce stress.

Stacey H. Davis is the president and CEO of the Fannie Mae Foundation

based in Washington, D.C. Having to oversee 100 employees and managing an

annual budget of $110 million, Davis knows what it feels like to be stressed

out. She said it is vital to maintain a balance in her life by taking care of

her own emotional, physical, and spiritual

needs. She makes time in her schedule to get a massage which she says gives

her time to meditate.

Unrelenting stress has been said to have put men and women at risk for

heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and some types of cancer. Health care

professionals endorse activities such as meditation, prayer, and other

spiritual endeavors to ease stress. There are several different methods people

use to manage stress. The important thing is that something must be undertook

to alleviate stress. Everyone should have a personal stress- buster to

maintain good health.

Through my research of the journal article, I learned how many super-

busy people cope with everyday stress in their careers. Though still curious

to find out how students my age deal with the pressures, I interviewed some

Florida students and found out some of their stress-busting secrets.

The first student I interviewed takes on fifteen credit hours and works

20 hours a week at the University. He is also the Vice-President of his

fraternity and he said all these facets don t leave him much time to waste. He

said the involvement is what keeps him going and he participates in a number of

intramural sports. He admits he is busier than he would like to be but the

success of his hard work is his best stress reliever.

The second student I interviewed takes on 12 credit hours and is a

student-athlete. He says he never gets to sleep as much as he would like to

and between school and ball, he is always on the go. He stated his biggest

stress reliever is getting away for a weekend and going to Cedar Key and

fishing with a few friends.

The third student I interviewed takes thirteen hours of schoolwork and

works around 25 hours a week in a restaurant. He says he always feels tired

but his biggest stress relievers are spending time with his girlfriend and his

friends. He also plays intramurals and works out to stay in shape.

Through my personal interviews I found that busy people don t mind the

craziness of their schedules when the results are sufficient. Intramurals are

also very important to University life and many of my peers are involved with



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