With Effort We Can Get Through A

With Effort, We Can Get Through A Narrow Mind Essay, Research Paper

In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, narrow-minded is defined as lacking in tolerance or breadth of vision. A narrow-minded person can be considered as marked by or reflective of narrow interests, sympathies, and/or outlooks. However, the previous consideration is a somewhat broad assumption. Even though a person is of narrow-mind, does not necessarily mean they have few interests and outlooks. Definitely though, one who is narrow-minded should not be considered open-minded, but should not be considered close-minded either. After all, the passageway into one s such mind is still somewhat open, thus not fully closed -only narrow. So, why exactly is a narrow-minded person not a closed or open-minded person?

A thesaurus description of narrow-mindedness is intolerant, bigoted, and small-minded. Small-minded does not seem to fit the description, though, because by saying small-minded, one can assume simple-minded, which can be perceived as one of little intelligence or common sense. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines open-minded as receptive to arguments and ideas and free form rigidly fixed preconceptions. With all of these definitions in mind, narrow-mindedness is lacking (not completely) in tolerance or breadth of vision; not open-minded, thus not fully receptive to arguments, ideas, or views of others; nor fully free form rigidly fixed preconceptions; and somewhat bigoted.

For example, my mom and I have always considered my brother as narrow-minded. He bigotedly views everything/one according to his limited criteria and rigidly fixed preconceptions as either acceptable or not acceptable. Once his mind is made up, he is very intolerant of others views, ideas, or arguments. His views are somewhat harsh and not easily changed or even softened. However, the fact that after several years of heated arguments, most of which he got up and left, my mom and I finally convinced my brother that he is narrow-minded, which proves that a narrow-minded person is not close-minded. If he were close-minded, there would have been no way to convince him of any belief that did not coincide with his own, no matter what. My mom and I finally got through that narrow mind of his, and to our amazement, he actually went to confession, told the priest of his condition, and asked for forgiveness as well as advice on how to become more open-minded.

Even though Garret, my brother, does not fit the definition of open-minded, does not make him close-minded. Garret and others of narrow mind are not fully receptive to arguments or ideas, nor are they free from rigidly fixed preconceptions, but their views, after enough effort, can be changed, whereas a close-minded person s views cannot, because there is absolutely no getting through their minds.

In conclusion, narrow-mindedness can be considered in the gray area between open-mindedness and close-mindedness. One with a mind lacking, but not completely, in tolerance or breadth of vision; not fully open, but not fully closed to others views, ideas, or arguments; not fully free from rigidly fixed preconceptions; and one who is somewhat bigoted can be considered a person of narrow-mind.


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