First Day Of Class Essay Research Paper

First Day Of Class Essay, Research Paper

First day of class

The first day of class was absolutely not that bad as I thought it would be. The time that I picked was great its not to last but its not too early. It s just the right time to get to class. The classroom was as scorching like the desert. It is very hot in the class. It makes write in the class hard to do but that is something I guess I just have to deal with. Just like Columbia is around this time of year. The class also seems to have some interesting people in the class. There was a lot of dance and film majors there so I consider were bound to here some intense story’s.

I was really impressed on how well organized Alexia Hall was with the class she seem to know where she wanted to the class to be at the end of the semester. We were past out with the class policies and a syllabus of what we were going to do the whole semester. I thought this was very convenient so that there was no mixed signals in the group.

Alexia Hall the teacher personally seems to be a person who does not like to play games with her students. She seems like a straight froward person. I have a feeling she has heard a lot of excuse of why students do not have their papers. She warn us not to start killing off are family when paper are due. Which I thought it was funny, because even as a student I have heard some crazy stories about people who just kill of there whole family when a paper due or a test day.

I feel that the class is tremendously large, but that always changes at mid term I feel that over 40 % will drop the class they always do. I am just hope that I am not one of those people to drop out of class.

The class seems to go really fast. I like the way we can say and write the way we feel about the subject matter. Having the Internet access is also a plus just for the fact that we can look up information on topics and write about it.

Class participation was great everyone joined in on the discussion. People in the class felt comfortable talking out loud and putting there two sense in. I think this will make people express then self-more on their papers

The way the class is set up on the grading system is furthermore excellent. If you do all your work in class and turn it in on time you should do ok in the class. My biggest problem in the class is the two unexcused absence policy but the rest I can deal with so it’s ok.

The materials that I need for the class are simple, and are not too hard to come by. Feel that I can manage to buy a disk and folder with pockets with out any troubles. The spiral notebooks I have plenty of them at home.

The course goals are very positive I feel that these goals can be meet with hard work and dedication. Not only are these course goals a requirements of the class but, I feel that these goals will help me threw out my collage years at Columbia Collage.

The amount of paper that we have to turn in is fair. It is really not that many papers to write. Counting the revisions we have to make on those five papers. It will keep me busy. It will also help me express my self on paper.

I feel that this class will be an enjoyment and a very good learning experience. It may be a change for me from writing papers in high school.


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