Presidents Essay Research Paper The country was

Presidents Essay, Research Paper

The country was ready to choose a person who best represents us as our president. We watched the debates, took part in opinion polls, we wrote checks, and littered our yards with signs that told the whole world that we were “involved.” There are many people who base their whole lives on politics. Some let it mingle in their religion, others use it for job opportunities and others use their politics to demonstrate their “moral” code.

These same people let their politics divide a united republic, creating a silent war where scandal after scandal is reported which in turn creates chaos and anger, argument, and frivolous witch-hunts meant to create a poor image of our chosen leaders.

In Washington it seems that every age old clich? applies from ” the pot calling the kettle black” to “people in glass houses should not throw stones” and whether you be Democrat or Republican you still are at fault for allowing the evil to seep in and devour our struggling democracy little by little. After the promises are made and the honey moon is over it?s always business as usual. It?s still the same old divide and conquer, bully and threaten, provide for the communal paranoia and make more laws when the frightened sheep demand them.

Regardless of what statistics show you, The fearful will exhort that crime is running rampant, that you won?t see your social security checks, that health care needs repair and that a new face will bring integrity back to country that is embarrassed by its current President.

This Presidential race is for the aging baby boomers just take a look at what the politicians have said about the youth today. They are projecting what they did when they were kids on what they think kids are doing at present.

Drug use is at an all time low, teen pregnancy is low, and school violence has decreased. Yes, Columbine was awful, however the numbers show that the tragedy pales to violence that occurred in the 1980?s and early 1990?s. Yet our youth are suspect in everything they do.

Take a look at so called teen influences today. The Washington idiots point to music as a bad influence on our nation?s youth. The Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears are nowhere near as bad as Jim Morrison. Emminem is not even as radical as John Lennon. Hip hop artists aren?t even as threatening as the Sex Pistols were and Rock and Roll has so intercoursed itself with country music that groups like Motley Crue, Marilyn Manson, Black Sabbath and KISS look like repugnant dinosaurs and they are beginning to get the hint.

In essence the ugly world that we hear about has literally pussied out into a whimpering pile of conformity. Yet we see politicians create agreed upon threats to guarantee the servitude of the ignorant and cultivate the herd like mentality.

They will continue to use these agreed upon threats to scare the ignorant into demanding that laws be made to infringe upon freedom of speech, and expression. They will also use corporate propaganda to further their agendas and will not further your personal goals or your right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

These threats will also convince the ignorant into falling for the lies of us against them attitudes that will encourage an increased police force to combat an unseen enemy. Threats that encourage the continuation of a failing drug war, that has killed many people, and has broken up families.

Their Public relations operatives have convinced many people to police each other and invite government into our lives even further.

This has increased our jail population as many more people are jailed for non-violent offenses such as minor drug crimes, (possession of marijuana) failure to pay taxes and child support, gambling, prostitution and the list goes on.

The candidates of the major parties will tell you how proud they are that we have overcrowded jails and that they have executed convicted killers and while you think this means that the system is working , the record shows that this is a failure. We have more people serving jail time in this country, than in any other country at the moment.

These jails are filled with felons who lose their right to vote. Ironically enough the system that put them in jail takes their right away to even change the system once they have paid their debt to an out of control society.

Agreed upon threats have been the keys to justify unconstitutional search and seizure of property and intrusive rights violations such as the extraction of bodily fluids for testing. This fuels dissention making the demon grow at home.

This also fuels the industrial military complex that continues to find more ways to kill you and kill those people in countries that object to the New World Order that has been here since the late 1940?s.

Oh was that a surprise? While everyone is waiting for the New World Order to come there is mounting evidence to show that it?s already here. Too many people have made money off selling books predicting its coming that they don?t want to give up that cash cow and tell you that “Yes Virginia there is a new world order and it?s been going on for 50 years” It?s disguised as ugly consumerism and imperialism hell bent on making damn good and sure that a “democracy club” and a “World Trade Organization” makes it feasible to eat Big Macs and drink coca-cola in Calcutta.

Now we as Americans wouldn?t know anything about a government that demands compliance with the threat of violence. We know nothing about a country that will use violence and fear to get the attention of countries that don?t want to jump on the League of Nations that all have a one-world agenda in mind for the soul purpose of controlling the money.

The reason we don?t suspect ourselves as being the ones with blood on our hands is because PR firms with unlimited budgets exist to convince you that you are above reproach. These firms are used to convince you that your leaders are beyond mistakes.


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