Save The Rainforest Essay Research Paper Why

Save The Rainforest Essay, Research Paper

Why is the most powerful and bioactively diverse natural phenomenon on the planet being destroyed? Rainforest are being destroyed worldwide just to profit small or large businesses. Wether it’s for lumber, animals, or natural resources, it’s severely hurting the planet just as much as it’s hurting the people that live on earth. In addition, not many people even know what the rainforest is about! The rainforest are one of the earths most precious commodities, and should preserved rather than violently destroyed. Amazingly, rainforest once covered 14% of the earths land surface, but now it covers a mere 6%. At this rate, the rainforest won’t last much longer! In less than fifty years, more than half the worlds tropical rainforest have fallen victim to fire and chainsaws (http://vitslity). In addition, the rate is still rapidly accelerating. On the other hand, people are killing innocent animals left and right, not even counting all the natural resources being demolished. Think of how many things the world takes from the rainforest, and this is how we pay the world back!? For instance, rubber, chocolate, medical plants, fruits, nuts and oils are all everyday privileges gotten from the rainforest. So there is no reason to destroy such casualties. There are many other appeals against the destruction of the rainforest too. Extraordinary, not many people recognize that real natives are living in the rainforest. What right do strangers have on invading on innocent and defenceless natives. It’s like living in an apartment, and suddenly being thrown out on the streets without and thought or explanation. The rainforest is like an incubator, you shut it off, you kill everything inside. So why should it be brought to this extreme level when we can compromise by using other resources. Everyday, new species are discovered in the rainforest. There are endless possibilities and miracles waiting to be discovered in this paradise. Although, some heartless people still find a way to rip all those qualities without even a thought of what there doing. All these excellent qualities of the rainforest prove a powerful point, but people still continue to destroy them.

Why do people cut down rainforest? Well many say for lumber and space. Aren’t there other resources we can build things out of. For instance, houses can be made of stucco instead. Stucco is a cement like material, that is stronger and more reliable than wood. Plus, how much more space does the world actually need? Or does the world just want instead of needing? Moreover, if lumber wasn’t cut, we wouldn’t need more space for factories and other industrial polluting things. On the other hand people say that rainforest are the cause for so many diseases and deaths known today. How can this be, if so many of the life saving vaccines people use everyday are from the rainforest resources. In addition, the rainforest is protecting the o-zone layer from being destroyed! So without the rainforest, instead of it being 100 degrees on a hot summer day, try 120 degrees. To sum it up, cutting down the rainforest is a bunch of excuses for a money making businesses. Nothing about cutting down the rainforest could convince anyone that it’s a good thing to do. In conclusion, the rainforest is the most precious place on earth, and defiantly should be preserved rather than destroyed. Cutting the rainforest down for wood and other resources is probably the biggest mistake ever done to the earth. It prevents global warming, supplies vaccines and holds some of the most valuable things in history. It’s like a factory, if we cut it down, people don’t get what they need. Also, all the people that live in the rainforest will have no home and no where to go. Wouldn’t that just create more global problems! So the rainforest should be respected and treated with care, not evilness. Not one person can give one reason why the rainforest should be destroyed. Can they?


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