Nuclear Terrorism Essay Research Paper Today the

Nuclear Terrorism Essay, Research Paper

Today, the terrorists have innumerable opportunities to attack where they want and also, how they want. The reason? Nobody knows, but how would you like if you would be able to put some nuclear stuff in a small box instead of looking for a place where you could drive your wagon full of explosives. Now you can see that nuclear terrorism can be a big problem. These three following aspects should be made in order to be able to compete against the nuclear terrorists—train more special counterterrosist teams, secure the nuclear weapon material and not to negotiate with the terrorists. The growing evidence of a possible nuclear attack is still growing and something should be done about it.

Just imagine an explosion of a small nuclear bomb. It`s impossible for you to imagine what kind of consequences it would have had. And that`s the reason why a new kind of counterterrorist organization was staged. According to my article, the “ nuclear ninjas “ is an counterterrorist group established for purposes to fight against the nuclear terrorism. “The danger is real.” Waller, D. (January 8, 1996). Nuclear Ninjas. Time, p.39. According to this article, there is still the possibility of a nuclear attack. It would have terrible consequences because only “55 lbs. of enriched uranium would be enough to turn the heart of New Orleans into radioactive dust.“ Waller, D. (January 8, 1996). Nuclear Ninjas. Time, p.39. And here you have it. Terrible, isn`t it? But don`t worry. The Mirage Gold, which is the name of the group, is prepared for almost everything. They have the best experiences and the best equipment they could have. “Briefcases with hidden radiation detectors, rental vans packed with high-tech electronics and spy cameras.“ Waller, D. (January 8, 1996). Nuclear Ninjas. Time, p.39. That`s super, isn`t it? But what about the other parts of the world? Is it the same? According to the author, such organizations should exist also in other parts of the world and not only in the United States. For example, Europe. One of the states owning the biggest number of nuclear weapons was Russia. And that`s the reason why such commando teams should exist in Europe. “On 13 October 1997, the New York Times deplored the “perilou


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