Gun Control Essay Research Paper Why is

Gun Control Essay, Research Paper

Why is it that the government wants to take away our guns? It is a growing issue these days with murders, gun fights, and recent school shootings. Are guns that important for people to have them in the first place? The National Rifle Association (NRA) sure thinks so; that is why they are fighting to protect our gun rights.

I think that it isn’t guns that kill people its people that kill people, and that if there were no guns that people would find other ways of killing. Why do people want to take away one of the few effective ways of protecting ourselves?

People want to take away our guns because they think that it will stop murders, but it won’t because people will find other ways of killing like knives, bombs, hammers, bats, and cars. Even with the government taking away our guns the criminals will smuggle them in or get them on the black market. The average citizen will be left defenseless and the criminals could be in charge of us. In past history, passive countries have been taken over by the use of weapons. How can we protect our country and ourselves if we have no protection?

What is the importance of guns? This question has been answered time and time again. When people were hungry they would use guns to hunt for food. In the Old West, shop owners would use guns to protect themselves from robbery, and farmers would protect their land and families from criminals and wild animals. Even today, you hear of people saving lives with guns. In one case a vice-principal was able to stop a boy from continuing his shooting rampage.

People are killed everyday by guns accidentally, and intentially, but guns are merely the tool. A tool that if used properly can be helpful, but if used improperly can be dangerous. To prevent these crimes the government should strictly enforce the gun laws that we already have. The killers in the Columbine High School shooting broke 16 gun laws before and during the day of the shooting. I doubt that any additional laws would have helped. We as citizens reserve the right to provide protection for our families. The right to do so is protected by our constitution.


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