, Research Paper

The media plays a big

role in our perception

of the world .

television news

producers choose

events that are out of

the ordinary. They

also combine bizarre

subject matter and


manipulations in order

to keep our attention.

this is a way how the

media manipulates its

reports of life in some


An important

technique that

television uses it

thrives on simplicity

and avoids complexity

in program content.

This way watching

television is easy and it

is a passive activity

which makes viewers

particularly susceptible

to its message.

In many cases society

makes up the news, but

at the same time we are

the one’s that choose

what we want to hear

and see , even thought

is not the thruth in

some cases. I have no

doubt that the media

manipulates its reports.

I feel confident is

saying this because I

have experience this. I

would like to share

with you something

that will show the fatal

manipulation in our

world. On CNN I saw

a report on Mexico

during 1997. they had

only presented the

negative situations

happening in Mexico

such as economic


environmental, issues

in Mexico City, and

corruption among

some government

officials due to drug

traffic. However, CNN

never presents the

positive attraction of

this beautiful country

like he growth of some

cities throughout the

country, the political

reform that has greatly

improved the

democracy, among


I would like to share

with you an interesting

comment that I got

from Mrs. Edward

was” Sometimes Net

works television

seemed to know what

they are talking about ,

but I just found out this

is not thruth” This

illustrates how CNN

representatives only

show what some

people want to see

about Mexico, not the

real picture. In

conclusion I want to

say how as a society

we are affected by this

fact , because some

times we are not able

to learn about other

cultures. We must

research thing before

we come to a

conclusion, because a

person that will judge

Mexico based upon

CNN will have a very

unrealistic view of



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