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Njoyable Workouts Essay, Research Paper

Nicole Sharac

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Enjoyable Fitness Workouts

In a recent article found in Women?s Sports & Fitness, there was a

lengthy display of outdoor and indoor fitness exercises nation wide that were

actually enjoyable. The first of these energizing activities is called Bikram Yoga.

Bikram Yoga uses the technique of heat to maximize its effects. Taking place in

a 107-degree studio the participants work on their yoga postures (the tree to

name one), along with trying out many types of tension-relieving stretches to

enhance flexibility. Such strong levels of heat are used because the hotter one

is, the more pliable their muscles will become. Another type of excercise

included is called the Denver winter Sports Conditioning. This includes the

participants wearing/carrying weights and bands as they make their ways up the

mountain. This technique is good for those who enjoy the act of mountain

climbing and to improve their strength and mobility for future more difficult

climbs. In Chicago there is the Athletic Total Conditioning group. This is a team

taught group that is packed with military-style drills including things like running

in small squares, throwing medicine balls and jumping over low hurdles. The

class cultivates coordination, endurance, and strength. On the other side of the

country there is the New York Urban Rebounding group. This class is for those

sick of the usual workout scene. This class includes doing jumping lacks, kicks

and tuck jumps on the trampoline, which all do wonders for the quads, calves,

and abs. Rebounding is working against gravity and helps to detox the body by

flushing out the wastes.

In Washington, D.C. boxing is used to not only work out the body, but to

de-stress also. These 90-minute are broken down into sections. The first

section is devoted to the basic things like throwing punches, ducking imaginary

blows, and doing some fancy footwork. Then 30-minutes on the punching bag

with a partner, and finally ab work outs on the floor. In Atlanta there is a group

called the Atlanta Trekkers. This group goes through an hour long treadmill

class. It?s focus is on intense hill-training where the treadmills are elevated to a

15 percent incline. This group is good for those interested in prepping for

springtime hiking. Finally, for a workout a little closer to home there is the

Boston Kickboxing group. This high intensity hour is a great way to vent your

anger as well as improve your fitness. This workout consists of jumping rope,

fast sit-ups, pushups, lunges, and squats. Then it moves over to punching and

kicking your partner (with the gloves on).

I believe this article to be very helpful for pretty much anyone who is

ready and willing to find a source of exercise. There is so much variety involved

that pretty much anybody could find a fitting workout. I think that the broad

range of intensity levels as well as the number of possible participants makes

these excursuses very easy to approach by most women, along with some men.

But seeing that the magazine the article came from was a women?s magazine

than I guess the workouts are all suitable.

When looking deeper into the article and the sources it listed for the

activities, I found that most all of them were pretty high in cost. There were a

few inexpensive ones that you could do alone without equipment like yoga, and

mountain climbing, but such activities as mountain climbing should be done with

a few experienced people rather than alone or trying it out with a friend.

I felt that some of the workouts were a bit more realistic and than others

and could see myself attempting to do abut three-quarters of the ones that I

have listed. The Bikram yoga, which takes place in a sweltering 107- degree

area, seems to be a little to uncomfortable for me to adjust to on a weekly basis.

The military-style training that has been offered in Chicago seems to be a little to

strenuous for me as well. I could maybe do something like this one or two times

a month but thats about it.

I could see myself participating in the Urban rebounding group that gets

its workout by doing jumping jacks and tuck jumps on a trampoline. This seems

like a fun exercise that can lift spirits as well as attempt to help increase fitness

abilities. I also liked the idea of the 90 minute boxing classes that includes ab

workouts with it. I know boxing is a stress relieving sport and the training and ab

workout are good for the physical body. Another activity that I could partake in

is the treadmill workout. It sounds easy to do and it also sounds like a great

workout for your legs. And finally the mountain climbing segment is one that

gives a great feeling of inner and outer fitness. I know that I enjoy mountain

climbing for all the aspects its has to give. Along with the physical aspect, it

gives one a sense of peace and accomplishment. There is something about the

way you feel after hiking a mountain and being able to look down and see how

far you have come.

I think that the article was a very insightful one and gave many different

types of women (and men as well) alternatives to the typical workout situation of

running, or just being in the gym. I think that more attention should be put on

how to get more eventful ways to exercise in this country and perhaps that

would lead us to a happier as well as healthier country.


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