Jim Thomson Essay Research Paper Jim Thomson

Jim Thomson Essay, Research Paper

Jim Thomson’s House

The first time when I heard this name “Jim Thomson’s House” in the class of English for Guide, I didn’t know what this place is like and there were many questions about this house in my head such as where is it located ? who is Jim Thomson ? what did he do? why his house is famous? and what are interesting things in there?

Fortunately, when the list of my questions finished, my friend who sat beside me suddenly told me, she had ever gone to Jim Thomson’s house two years ago. So I eagerly asked her and she answered me in brief that this house was a Thai style and there were many antiques, that’s all of her words. Actually, I wanted to ask her more questions but we couldn’t talk much at that time because we were in class. After that, I didn’t care her answer anymore when Virginia and everybody decided to visit Jim Thomson’s house next week. I was very happy to go out the university for more experiences especially to this interesting place.

When the day that I had been waiting for a week came true, I was quiet excited and worried because I had to go there by oneself. I really didn’t know how to go there!, However, I met my friends Bird, Poy and Beau at the bus-stop a few minutes before they got a bus number 47 to go to Jim Thomson’s house. Then we arrived in there about 16.30 pm. Before I reached the Thai home, I felt strange and had a question again that why the beautiful teak house was surrounded by many cement buildings and was located on the end of a long Soi. I didn’t appreciate it.

Although, after I rested and sat for a while under the floor of Thai home, I felt fresh, warm and relax because of the greenish atmosphere from many plants that are in the garden. Virginia, my friends and I waited a while after we had paid the entrance fee 50 baht per person. Then we began to set a group for going in Thai Home of Jim Thomson with a Thai woman who wore a purple Thai style blouse and an ankle-length skirt, called “Panung or Patung” in thai. I liked her smile and her clothe very much.

First, she started to introduce us a wooden sculpture and a wooden goat which were found in Ayudhaya in 16 th century. Next, she pointed to the oldest sculpture in this house that was limestone beheaded Buddha sculpture, was found in 6 th century. She led us to see a printing block for making sarong, the top of it was a ruler that made in China and below the block, there were Chinese a fish bow and a garden seat which can be the heater by putting hot coals inside the seat. Then she introduced “Benjarong” that consist of five primary colors, they are black, white, yellow, green and red.This thing was made for Thai royal in 17-19 century. Above the second shelf, I saw a lotus shaped wine cup that came from China. Another shelf, there were Chinese potteries; a white elephant and a ivory bird which symbolized to good fortune. Next, she suggested a door used to be the temple’s shutter . In this section, I hate it because of the narrow place where the cabinets of beautiful antiques were located, a dim light and hot temperature. And then I walked a little, I saw a chinese dining room table that showing Kwangchow town, life and trading. Continuously, she took us to met many Thai painting which were brought to America by Dr. Charler and after that Jim Thomson brought them back to Thailand. Besides, she led us to the garden and told us about the Sansabe canel, the spirit house and Muslim people around here in the past but now they move to live in Nakhonratchaseema.

Before she led us to go upstairs, she guided to see interesting things in another room such as crystal candle which was from Ireland, Italian cabinet made from sherrywood, Burmese gong that Thais called ” Krung Kurn “and a rare Ayudhaya Buddha image which made of wood in 17 th century. When I stayed in the house, I felt really like it because it was more comfortable than downstairs. Here, she pointed the pictures of Vedsundara which painted on cotton. And then, she led us to many parts of a few rooms, there were Jim’s bedroom, a living room, a quest’s bedroom and a study room. During this time when a guide told and pointed me the things, I didn’t concentrate to listen and note her words too much. Because I prefered to look around all of antiques, a picture of Jim Thomson, a mouse house , furnitures and the view outside from inside the house. After we finished our tour, a guide suggested to get in the souvenir shop. I found that most things there were expensive. For example, double mirror case cost 370 baht, Thai life greeting card cost 50 baht, pillow case cost 1,900 baht and pillow case with filter cost 2,320 baht.

I liked this Thai home so much especially to the balcony that was attractive to me, I didn’t know why. However, I think Jim’s Thomson House should be improved about guide’s accent; it is quiet Thai accent so I could notice that the couple of foreigner who joined with our tour group seem to be so bored. The entrance fee was expensive; it should be 30 baht per person. The borchure; should have more designs, pictures and informations about Jim Thomson’s life with conspiracy theories why he disappeared.

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