Beowulf GrendelS Last Stand Essay Research Paper

Beowulf (Grendel?S Last Stand) Essay, Research Paper

“It all ends tonight! This will be my last visit to the awful hall Heorot. I will kill Hrothgar and all his men, and this curse, this tiresome misadventure of unnecessary brutality will finally cease to continue. My heart is so broken, so tired, but not to worry, my appeasement is coming soon.”

Grendel entered the hall. The room smelled of fear, that subtle tinge of sweat, heavy breath, and accumulating urine. Everything was so dark, he liked it this way. It hurt his heart immensely to kill as he did, so not being able to see his victims made it so much easier to deal with. As long as he was blind to their faces, their pain was visionless also. Grendel crawled along and saw to his right a figure hunched over in the corner, whimpering and crying. We know this man as Unferth. Grendel swallowed hard and prepared to do what he had to, he couldn?t bear the curse that had been upon him since birth any longer. If he didn?t bring Hrothgar and his men to their demise, he would feel the weight of his hideous existence for all time. He hadn?t asked for this pain, he was paying for his parents? treachery. And so with that he attacked. All went black in Grendel?s mind for a few moments. He never knew what he was doing when he killed, his soul just went numb.

Meanwhile, out of Grendel?s mind, bodies and blood spread throughout the hall. Screams of pain and mercy echoed like a symphony written by the lovechild of Beethoven and Marilyn Manson. At this moment, Beowulf took the initiative and stepped into his role as savior and slayer. Grendel awoke from his trance to feel the strong hands of Beowulf upon his arms. His first instinct was an astonishment that probably put him in a more severe place of entrapment, for he gave Beowulf a few extra moments to increase the strength of his grip. Thoughts began to race through Grendel?s mind with a ferocious pace that brought a strong sense of desperation and hopelessness. Men had come at him many ways in hope of bringing him to his demise, but this was something different. Beowulf held him with such a power and mesmerizing intensity, that Grendel wasn?t sure if he should fight for his life or subside to the hypnotic command of this little giant.

As moments went by, Grendel began to feel his hope slipping away. Why had his life been cursed so badly? When did all this suffering end? Soon Grendel, soon…

Tears formed in his eyes as the pain in his body began to mount. His spine started to shiver as though it was being broken and scratched from the inside. His veins pulsated as blood rushed to reach his splitting limbs. Grendel could now only hear the sound of Beowulf?s voice whispering words in his ear as if he was a priest giving Grendel his last rites while at the same time damning him to the hell his father, Cain, most certainly dwelled in. Then, in an instant all the pain ended for Grendel. He found a peaceful release, as his arms were ripped from his body and his life came to its final moment. Even the incredible agony could not pierce his heart. He was free. Beowulf?s face now covered Grendel?s mind, yet he did not feel anger. His expression was one of grace and thanks to Beowulf for releasing him from his pain. Grendel felt the warmth of the blood gushing from his veins. He was comforted by this sensation, like a child preparing for slumber, wrapped in a thick winter blanket.

Sweet relief for the mighty Grendel.

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