Describe And Explain Why A Muslim Takes

Part In Hajj, And What This Involves Essay, Research Paper

Muslims go on Hajj to cleanse and

purify themselves; not just physically but mentally. Another reason is because

it?s a test Allah has set to show their devotion to Him. Hajj helps bring

Muslims closer to Allah and also each other. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam;

God ?ordered? it to be done in the Qur?an.Muslims believe that they gain

forgiveness from Allah on Hajj. To go on Hajj is a great experience for

Muslims, there is a sense of personal achievement and it also promotes ummah.

Muslims might go on Hajj because it?s traditional or to meet the expectations

of others. Some go to represent the whole family because they may not have

enough money for everyone to go, so one person is chosen.Before the Muslims leave, they

must ensure that they can provide for the family at home while they are away.

They cannot go if they are in debt because it would not be Gods wish. Like any

holiday they must plan where they will stay and book a plane ticket.They get on the plane and travel

to Makkah. Then Hajj begins with Ihram. The Muslims cleanse their body and mind

then dress in white. The next stage is Tawaf. They circle the Ka?bah seven

times and then say a prayer called the Talbiyah: ??????????????????????????????

?Here I am, O God, here I am! ??????????????????????????????? Thine is the kingdom, ??????????????????????????????? The praise and the glory, ??????????????????????????????? O Thou without equal, God Alone!? Then they perform Sa?y. They run

between the two mountains Safa and Marwa. They visit the Zamzam well. Muslims

then stay overnight at Mina. Wuquf is next. They stand at Arafat for the whole

day under the burning sun. They collect, on the way to Musdalifah. The next day

they travel to Mina and throw their collected pebbles at the three pillars. An

animal is sacrificed, and then the festival Eid ul-Adha is celebrated. Finally

they go back to Makkah to perform Tawaf again.The Hajis fly back home and tell

their family and friends all about their journey, Hajj.


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