Senseless Shots Essay Research Paper It is

Senseless Shots Essay, Research Paper

It is an outrage that crime has become so hanous today. Innocent victims are simply by standard hurt for no reason. I was a witness to a senseless act of violence, a drive by. Since then, I question our government and our society. What makes a person want to kill another for absolutely no reason? I remember the event as clearly as the day it happened. As my friends and I drove from club Area 51 to find a hotel on Sugarcreek road, I experienced one of the most frightening events of my life. I will never forget the loud pops of the nine-millimeter handgun being fired at the car in the lane next to us, the sight of the wounded man, and the helpless feeling of being a witness to the crime and not being able to bring the shooter to justice.

I will never be able to forget the loud pops that the gun made. My friends and I were having a wonderful time at the club that Friday night, but when we left the club to find a hotel room, everything changed. A beautiful 1955, canary yellow Ford was being admired by many as it drove up and down the strip. It was a beautiful car as well as very loud. The deep rumble of the car s exhaust brought a lot of attention to the car. Event my friends and I sped up to get beside of it. It was at a moment of adoration of the car that I heard a distinct pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. Then silence. I the noticed a gray Toyota Tercel speeding away. Although unaware what exactly the sound was, I had a gut feeling that it was gunshots. Barbara asked if it was backfire from the vintage Ford, and I stated that I thought that it was gunfire, gunfire on a busy street. It scared me. From the distinct pops, I knew what the sound was. No words can describe the feeling that pure adrenalin and pure fear gave me. I remember hoping that what I feared was untrue, but when I turned around, I saw the Ford veering onto a curb wildly. I knew that the man in the car had been shot. Instantly I became nauseous, and I insisted that we turn the car around. Then saw something that I would never forget, the sight of the wounded man.

By the time we turned the car around, the man was covered in his own blood standing outside of his car. He was already out of the vehicle and talking on a cell phone. The sight of the man was horrifying yet very relieving to see him nonchalantly using his little yellow Motorola. The man was in his mid forties, wearing a white and now crimson colored Ford Motor sports shirt. The gang members apparently shot the man for having the nice car that he did. The man was surprisingly calm and was on the phone with his wife. Honey, I ve just been shot three times, the man said. He was shot behind the ear, in his right side, and in his right leg. He was holding a handkerchief delicately being his ear to collect the blood. Seeing the man standing there ever so strong and ever so calmly left me with a mental picture that is permanently frozen in my mind. It left me awestruck to see him react so calmly. By now many people had already called the authorities to come to the scene. Witnessing the incident left me with an obligation that I hated, yet I felt obligated to do the right thing. I realized that I had to fill out a police report.

When the police arrived, they came in packs. Within ten minutes, there were twenty police officers at the scene. I stood in a daze from the blue lights and screeching sirens. Then I was grabbed by the arm and asked if I saw the incident. I stated that I had, and I quickly wrote everything down that I witnessed. I rode around parking lots with hopes of identifying the car. To no avail, the suspects were apprehended, even though I gave a detailed description of the four black makes that committed the crime. This left me with a feeling of hopelessness that I will never forget. To this day, I question society and why things like this happen. I developed almost hate for those criminals. I developed a dislike for our justice system that let the guilty party gets away free of charges and free to try and kill again.

I will never forget the night that I witnessed the drive by. It sparked thought about the government and the society I live in. This event might not have had such an impact on me if the driver had not been innocent. All of these features made this a negative, yet memorable, event in my life. And because of all that happened, I will never forget the sounds of that nine-millimeter.


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