Space And Religion The Relationship Essay Research

Space And Religion The Relationship Essay, Research Paper

For a lot of people the word science refers to the set of knowledge pertaining to the physical world, not just animate but also inanimate objects. But an actual definition would also have to include the attitudes and methods through which this group of knowledge is formed. An actual definition of science is, ?science is a branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of generals laws?(Random House Webster?s College Dictionary, 1178). Science is both a particular kind of activity and also the results of that activity. Theory and experiment work together in science, with experiments leading to new theories that in turn lead to further experiments. Although scientists generally share these methods and feelings, they do not provide a guaranteed means of scientific discovery. Every scientist uses their own way to research, experiment, and theorize, but they all try to ?invent? one thing, a systematic way to go about proving things. When something is proved or discovered it leads to new developments everywhere, especially in the field of technology. New scientific results may lead to new and more effective technology.

Technology has been around much longer than science. As technology developed so did science. Technology is ?the branch of knowledge that deals with applied science, engineering, the industrial, arts and etc. The application of knowledge for practical ends?(Random House Webster?s College Dictionary, 1343). Technology is considered to be a form of applied science. The scientific work is prepared and then applied to the technology. Everything you can think of has been a production of science and technology. Whether it has been developed from the scientific method or simply through trial and error. Many people that have used scientific technology include the wheel makers, ship builders, and today?s engineers. Long ago when people developed new tools, hunting equipment, and cooking supplies they more than likely developed the best way through trial and error and not through the scientific method. But in all actuality trial and error is part of the scientific method. These ancient people did not develop theories, but they did develop conclusions and applied extensive tests to the items they were making. They would use it and if their tool were not working right they would simply develop a new one or adapt that one to work more efficiently. Science did not just make advancements in tool and household items; it also made practical advances in metallurgy, agriculture, transportation, and navigation. Throughout history science and technology have been working together to make the way of life better. This will continue to occur for a long time to come.

Science is not associated with just technology, but also religion. Both science and religion are patterns of human behavior that can be traced throughout the years. Many years ago the priests were responsible for record keeping, land division, calendar determination, and they developed the early language and early mathematics. The church was also responsible for teaching and research. This goes hand in hand with the science of the time. Religion is ?a system of thought, feeling, and action that is shared by a group and that gives the members an object of devotion; a code of behavior by which individuals may judge the personal and social consequences of their actions; and a frame of reference by which individuals may relate to their group and their universe?(Random House Webster?s College Dictionary, 1116).Religion and science have played an important role in America’s history. Spanish conquistadors set the standard of Christianity to the New World. They also presented the inhabitants of the new world with new technology and scientific ways. But this is not the only connection between science and religion. There are many connections between science and religion and the most significant ones are those that help define the religion and it?s beliefs. Scientists have tried to collect enough conclusive evidence to accurately date religious events but the only way to really believe the dates is through the ancient writings and stories. Most religions have been passed through word of mouth. Even though, many of these stories, and other characteristics of a religion, can be proved through science. Depending on what religion you practice you have different beliefs about the evolution of the world. Science cannot explain and give the correct one. Whether it is the Big Bang Theory, a supreme being creating the world, or simply people evolving from animals, not one has been deemed correct. Scientists have found validity in all of them but not one theory has enough supportive hard evidence to be considered the actual truth. To the contrast of most people?s beliefs, religion and science do contain a close bond. The bond used to be extremely close, but as the years go by it continues to stray farther apart.

Critics of science have noted that scientific theories are not statements of ultimate truth and that technological progress has brought with it environmental pollution, resource depletion, and increasingly deadly weapons of war. Yet all three of these have also made valuable contributions to human affairs. Religious teachings have long been useful in guiding morality, ethics, and codes of law. Science and technology have demonstrated ways to understand the world and produce material comforts. Even though it seems as though science, technology, and religion have no bonds, they are actually closely knit together.


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