Ronald Reagan 2 Essay Research Paper Dutch

Ronald Reagan 2 Essay, Research Paper

Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan

The task of writing a biography on a President of the United States was never said to be an easy one. In fact, if one would ask writer Edmund Morris he would tell how hard it is first hand. For some individuals it would be an honor of a lifetime, for others it would be too strenuous of a task but for Edmund Morris it would be a pleasure. Edmund is known as an excellent writer but even for him this job is tough. If he just talks about boring, old Reagan as a president it would not be interesting enough. So now he must take a different approach. What is he going to do?

As the book, Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan, was released just a couple of days ago there were many who were excited to get it. Edmund Morris, the author, was asked personally by Ronald Reagan to write his biography. Morris s job was to get behind the scenes of the president and tell people the truth about Ronald Reagan. So it would be as thorough as possible Morris was given special access to all of Reagan s personal files. Morris worked hard, researching and interviewing many people in Reagan s past and in his present life. He was doing everything he could to make sure to get all of the information.

After the heavy anticipation of the release of this book, Morris was criticized by a number of journalists and news people. Morris inserted himself in as a fictional character throughout the saga of Reagan s life from childhood to president. All my innovator does is fulfill the role of spectator and auditor of Ronald Reagan s lifelong, world changing performance. Morris said. Some of the statements that Morris wrote in the biography have been denied by the sources. Some journalists said that he changed the quotes to make the book more interesting so it would sell better.

More controversy over the book erupted last week from the political side as former President George Bush denied Morris s claim that he and his wife were unwelcome upstairs in the Reagan White House while he was vice president. Bush claims that he never felt unappreciated by Ronald Reagan and that he even was quoted by saying he was a terrific fellow.

Although it was hard to find, there was some praise given to Morris for writing a terrific biography on Reagan. Critic, Christopher Haupt states that the book is not for mere beginners but any true person who really understands Reagan can figure out the genius in the biography.

In Conclusion, Edmund Morris is a terrific, Pulitzer Prize winning author who tries to do more with the topic than is necessary. If he would have stuck to the topic and produced a factual biography on Ronald Reagan he would not be getting ridiculed at this moment. Reagan s family has every right to be upset at Morris for making a joke out of Reagan s life and his presidency. Morris s misquoting of sources is an embarrassment to all writers and is shameful. Someone should go back and write a factual biography on Reagan like he deserves.


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