Medieval Drama Essay Research Paper Medieval Drama

Medieval Drama Essay, Research Paper

Medieval Drama was an era of religious beliefs. In this time the mysteries of god were studied and presented to the communities in a play form to instill the knowledge in a pleasurable way with morals and themes. Abraham and Isaac blends with this in many ways, by which cultures formed in medieval times. While converting the bible knowledge into a play the story was slightly destroyed. These Bible verse s were converted into plays so that they could capture the audience and give morals and values. There are many examples like Abraham and Isaac, which intended to replace you with Abraham and make you ponder what you would do. Also trust your elders, because they know best and they are a superior. Bible stories that were converted into plays were distorted in many ways, the changes were made to make plays shorter and easier to perform. An example of these changes is in Abraham and Isaac when the sheep was stuck in the bushes for the sacrifice, but in the play the sheep was provided for them at the alter. A further example would be the extra men in the Bible verse. These men were taken out of the play to avoid the difficulties of play length and confusion. A more substantial change that was mad was the change of Abraham delay to execute his son. this change was made to enhance the suspenseful moment.

The phenomenal similarities in these are God oriented or of some religious belief. Beliefs of heaven and hell were common between both of these cultures. In present time if a person were inclined to say they have seen God, socially impairity is what would become of them, raving lunatic would be a social label. Satanism and beliefs of no god have become of this earth, death and ruin are favorites among youth of today. The lord is no longer the main priority to many individuals. furthermore angels were a way to speak to God for he was a far supreme being to be spoke to by a simpleton. Ultimately they contained three types of plays mystery, morality, and miracle. The style of Abraham and Isaac and Medieval drama are most similar that the cultures seem to of merged. Performance of Corpus Christi and of Saints were a popular and educational. Suspenseful changes made people come back for more.


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