Cloning 8 Essay Research Paper Did you

Cloning 8 Essay, Research Paper

Did you know that on a random survey of seventh graders in FMB only 12% knew that there was a cloned lamb named Polly that contains a human gene! I intend to persuade the audience that this world should use cloning. Dolly was the first clone of an adult mammal and then Polly was another test, but with a human gene. And also, did you know that if we just had one sheep, or one duck, or one pigeon, or one anything, we could have a whole herd of that animal with the new genetic engineering called cloning. If farmers are running low on cows for milk or sheep for wool, they just need to clone and they will have up to 25% more of that animal.

One of our country s animal scientist s cloning researchers of University of Missouri named Randall Prather is with the subject matter of cloning. He said,

I see four major benefits: Clones would greatly benefit science, disease treatments can be tested on clones, reducing variances caused by genetic differences and reducing treatment animals needed. Clones would have a powerful impact on agricultural efficiency.

Think for a moment of the cost maintaining one dairy cow capable of producing 50,000 gallons of milk. Now think of if we cloned that cow and had four or five average cows. Now wouldn t that be a whole lot easier than having to mate the cows. And then what if the cow that is mated is unhealthy for some reason??

A successful farmer at g online survey chose sides nearly equal on cloning for livestock. 39% were in favor, 36% opposed, and 25% didn t have a clue. Even 3% may not be a lot, but still more people were in favor of this.

Think about all of the farmers who need more animals on their farm. If they couldn t clone, then the farmers wouldn t make any money for selling their animals or the milk and wool.

Think of all of the poor people who are starving to death in all of those countries. If we could clone the best animals hundreds of times, all of the people who live in poor countries wouldn t starve to death or die of thirst. Because of all the meat and milk we get from the cloned animals, it could be shipped to Africa.

Scientist Randall Prather also says, We could multiply only those animals best producing meat and milk. Lastly, scientists could use clones to learn more about life s process such as aging.

Now with these Scottish people we have that have cloned Dolly and Polly, these people are cloning bulls, monkeys, and pigs. The bull that scientists in Scotland are cloning is named Gene. Scientists from all over the world have tried to clone monkeys and successfully the monkey was cloned.

Cloning of animals would be great because when some animals mate, their baby s may become retarded or they may be missing a body part or some other terrible thing might happen to the baby. Now we just need ONE animal that is healthy, and is capable of producing meat and we could use cloning.

Think of all of the species that are becoming extinct. We could just use one of those animals and genetically engineer it a couple hundred times and we could have plenty more of those animals in no time. For example, look at the white rhinos that are becoming extinct. Scientists could just use a few of them and clone then and the white rhinos will no longer become endangered of extinction.

Now I have told you many facts about cloning. I have told you about the easier ways to get wool and furs from animals, about the milk and meat from the cows, the extinct species and many other things. If you would like to learn more information about cloning or contact someone please use these papers that I am handing out. Since I have talked to you about cloning, I would like you to keep one thing in your mind, that cloning would definitely help the world s economy.


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