Dracula Characters Essay Research Paper Bram Stoker

Dracula Characters Essay, Research Paper

Bram Stoker’s characters

? Dracula – central character of the book: An old vampire who lives in a crumbling castle in Transylvania. As the book begins, he is planning to move to England, where he can feed on fresh blood. When we first meet him, Dracula is described as an old man with a white mustache, and he appears courtly and charming; as the book progresses and feeds upon his victims, he grows younger and becomes more like a beast.

? Van Helsing – A professor, who is described by his former pupil Dr. Seward as “a philosopher and metaphysician, and one of the most advanced scientists of his day.” Van Helsing knows a lot about vampires, and when he is called in to help with Lucy Westenra’s illness, he realizes that he is dealing with a vampire. Because of his intelligence, he is Dracula’s main problem and the leader of the group that attempts to destroy the vampire.

? Jonathan Harker – A young English solicitor, or lawyer, who is sent to Transylvania to finish up a real estate transaction with Dracula. He becomes a prisoner in the castle and barely escapes by running down the castle wall. He is engaged to Mina Murray and marries her during the novel.

? Mina Murray – Jonathan Harker’s fiancee and later wife, she is a practical young woman who works as a teacher. She is best friends with Lucy Westenra, the Count’s first victim in the book, and also gets sucked by Dracula as well.

? Lucy Westenra – Mina’s best friend and an attractive, young woman. She is loved by Arthur, Quincey, and John and becomes engaged to Arthur. Lucy is Dracula’s first victim.

? John Seward – A young doctor, formerly Van Helsing’s student, and the boss of an insane asylum not far from Dracula’s English home..

? Arthur Holmwood – Lucy’s fiancee. His father dies in the middle of the book.

? Quincey Morris – American from Texas, he also proposes marriage to Lucy. He is friends with both Holmwood and Seward, and he dies.




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