Emerald Island Essay Research Paper Emerald IslandAre

Emerald Island Essay, Research Paper

Emerald Island

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure of a lifetime? If you are then we have the vacation for you! Come to Emerald Island, where it combines a variety of extreme to non-extreme sports as well as activities, oh and a few other things thrown in to spice it up.

There are various times in which you may stay for a seven-day luxurious vacation at our tropical, 4 season s resort, it will cost approx. $1200. As for our two-week or longer stays please consult your travel agency or call the toll free number located at the bottom of the page.

Lets say that you want to get away from the everyday life and take a chance at something new and exciting, so you want to try our one-week extreme vacation. First off you land in our secluded exotic island, located in the South Atlantic Ocean where paradise is at its finest. Our specialty ladies, who offer fresh flowered necklaces, welcome you to our island and our men personally deliver your luggage to our five-star resort. Once settled in you can take elephant rides around the majority of the island and come back to our delightful five-course meal, which believe me you ll enjoy.

On the second day, it will exciting and intense. Our first activity will be a choice snowboarding or skiing. Our very pro Ross Powers will train you how to snowboard and for skiing Rick Wroblewski will instruct you. This will take place on one of our three mountains, consisting of different levels such as beginner (rabbit) hills, general (average), or intermediate (extreme) it also varies on how much powder there is on each slope. There is a mandatory half-day training required for beginners. There is heated chair lifts provided by the courtesy of Emerald Island. On the intermediate slope you much have a certified ticket in order to ride, this is required because the only access is by our private helicopter.

If you can still walk on the third day, its time for our famous mountain climbing expedition. We have certified mountain climbers to teach you how to properly strap on a harness and climb a cliff. After our training course off to climbing the back of one of our tropical mountains. The first level reaches approximately 75-100 feet, the second level reaches 175-225 feet and finally the third level reaches 350 and up.

On the fourth day, we provide elegant beaches with sand as soft as silk. There are sand bars located all down the beach so theirs always a party happing, if that s not your idea of fun then you can rents kayaks, surf boards and scuba gear (requires basic test).

On the fifth day, it will include bungee jumping off one of our many extraordinary waterfalls in the tropical section of the island. You will also be able to observe main types of species and flowers such as Starburst water lilies, which flourish our islands. Among with pink, peach and purple bougainvillea, hibiscus, orchids, sweet jasmine and red-orange flamboyant trees bright enough to fire a passion within you. Later when your skin is all pruned up you can take a nice peaceful walk along our maintained paths in our tropical forest back to our resort where you may receive a complimentary Aromatherpy packages to get you all spiced up for the party on the beach. At 10:30pm the party starts pumping. Live DJs like Planet Asia, Mastermind, and Cali Agents as well as others will be performing all night long.

On the sixth day we will begin a little later in the day perhaps around 1:00pm for the early birds and a second class at 3:00pm for the hardcore partiers. We will teach you scuba diving and deep-sea diving. We provide trips down to see the great explorers sunken ships where there just happen to be extremely large diamond and emerald deposits. The largest jewel ever found was one of our finest emeralds, 1,630 carats in total and it currently being guarded by national security.


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