Friendship Essay Research Paper Dr Levensohn you

Friendship Essay, Research Paper

Dr. Levensohn, you asked the three of is to write you a paper on what we think that friendship is. Truly friendship is something that can t be placed into words. It is more of a concept than a literal translation. For the purpose of this paper though, I have compiled what I feel is notion of friendship.

I think that friendship starts with a small amount of change, on both parts. When I originally didn t live near my best eight friends, I was by myself with a few random exceptions. I had friends, but they weren t like back home. I think the problem was loyalty. You need people to be loyal towards you and vise versa. Coming to school in Orlando, I didn t truly have the loyalty I was so accustomed to. It was a miracle that I had an opportunity to move in a few weeks later with Jeff, my roommate. He was one of the few loyal friends I had with me in this new environment. Well, in this hall, where we lived were six other boys. Kids I had known, some I disliked, and others I had never known. Who would think that over a few months, the boy who yearned for loyalty would find it within these walls. My new best friends, but what are friends again? These people that I share my current life with. They care about me, I care about them. Let me start once again. What is true friendship. I m still not sure exactly.

The three of us came to your office asking for an essay assignment. But what did you really give us? A story, about how you saw your good friend, the person you thought was loyal to you. The person you confided in. You buddy, friend, amigo, whatever. In the snow, with your new shoes, you watched your friendship take definition. You were never able to define how you felt around your friend. So what does it mean? I m still very confused as what to really say. What makes friendship what it is, possibly pain. Is that what it takes for people to realize the level friendship is.

I think friendship is a level of achievement you make with random people. To be your friend is a respect like no other. At any time, things can come crushing down, and you always thought that s why I need friends. Again what is friendship. The more I think of the word, the more comes to mind.

Let me look at it from a different perspective. Something maybe a little but scary, but real. I sit here with my eight best friends, keep in mind they aren t all friends. Within a group such as ours we all have a common bond, which is our religion. Being Jewish, one might think that we would also share the same moral base, but it could not be further from the truth. A nice kid, a klepto, the nervous one, the physical one, the good looking one, the liar, the dreamer, and the frat boy. Keep in mind the frat one doesn t share our religious faith. And within that, I have my best friends. All the while we don t agree on everything, and we don t all like each other. Some wish the others could change.

The entire time I have the worst problem though. I sometimes get these reality kicks. So what does this large friendship mean. It means that before we are twenty, one of eight of us will probably die. It s sick and its sad, but it s a statistic that s true. I go through everyday hoping that it will skip us. Why do I think the way I do. I have no clue, but I do. It seems to me that maybe I feel that caring is an important part of friendship. The more I believe that I am right, others show me maybe it s a added bonus, but doesn t have to be incorporated in all friendships. So where do I stand. I think maybe loyalty and caring are a great part of friendship.

Possibly, I can argue that a large amount of my definitions, if you call it that, comes from my people watching. I take parts of what I see, I put them together and that s how I see my friends. It s like a collage of images, through other people s eyes, yet when the combination is put together it produces a feeling no others can relate. That is my way of seeing friendship.

Last but not least, you left me with one last thought. You placed me in the reality world I fear. You looked at the three of us. Will you guys still be friends in ten years. If one of you dies, will the others know about it.

Dr. Levensohn, I sat before my computer thinking of a clever retort for what seemed to me as one of life s riddles. I knew exactly what my friends were thinking when we walked into you office. You came and interrupted the chess match between Jeff and myself. We were all anxious to see how you would handle our situation. I stated earlier that I m a people watcher. I saw the look on my friends faces and knew that you re a person who respects friendship like no other. You asked us a simple question, will we be friends in ten years from now. I answer you in the most simple manor I can think of. Of course the three of us will be, as for my eight other best friends, life will go on. We will all separate and that will be that. We ll keep in touch but that s the most. As for Jeff , Perry and Evan, sir we are friends for life. That is how we are. The so called combination that I set for us is unbreakable. I can feel it. That s what friendship means to me.



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