Macbeth Plot Summary Act Iii Scenes 14

Macbeth Plot Summary, Act Iii, Scenes 1-4 Essay, Research Paper

Scene 1: The royal palace at Forres, Banquo talks on

his own, he fears M has become King through evil means, but does not worry as

he believes that the prediction the witches gave him will now come true. Then

others come in, M requests Banquo?s presence at the feast they are having. M

asks B where he is going, and then spreads rumours about the King?s sons. M

asks B whether Fleance is going with him and then he dismisses court, leaving

him and a servant alone, then M sends servant to get the two murderers, while

servant is gone he has a bid soliloquy, which is, briefly, to not be safely

guaranteed being king, is not worth being king at all, M is scared of B-B has

wisdom to guide his valour, fears no-one but B. Annoyed that B will have line

of kings and he won?t ??barren sceptre? and ?fruitless crown?. Decides that he

has had all this worry for B?s sons and not his. Then murderers enter, M

persuades them to kill Banquo with 3 things, B is their enemy, they are the

scum of mankind if they don?t kill him, and that he, M, will favour them

greatly if they carry out the deed. Murderers say thet have had such bad lives

that they?ll do anything. M gives reason for not being able to kill B

openly-?for certain friends are both his and mine?-them tells murderers that he

will tell them where to be in order to kill B and F.Key Phrases: (soliloquy not included) ?I? fear/Thou

played?st most foully for?t?, B on his own thinking M had become king

dishonestly. ?Fail not our feast?, M tells B not to miss the feast even

though he is planning to have him killed so that he won?t be able to. Somewhat

ironic taking later scenes into account. ?Ay, in the catalogue ye go for men?.name of dogs?, M

telling murderers that they are at the bottom of the pile of mankind. ?Banquo thy soul?s flight/If it find heaven, must find it

out tonight.?, lovely rhyming end to scene.Scene 2: A room in Macbeth?s palace, LM is worried

and tells M not to worry about what?s been done, but he is still bothered-?we

have scorched the snake, not killed it?-M says he is jealous of D, as he gets

to rest in death. M tells LM to be very nice to B at the banquet-tells her

again to ?look like the flower but the serpent under?t?, but in other words. M

hints at the bad things that will happen and LM asks him what, he tells her not

worry, almost as if he is protecting her.Key Phrases: ?Nought?s had, all?s spent/Where our desire is got without

content?, LM saying nothing?s gained and everything?s lost. ?Tis safer to be that which we destroy/Than by destruction

dwell in doubtful joy?, LM again, saying shouldn?t be complacent.? ?? ?Be innocent of the knowledge dearest chuck?, M not telling

LM his plans, he doesn?t want to include her, trying to protect her, not to

implicate her? ?Things bad begun, make string themselves by ill?, M saying

that a bad thing can be turned good by doing another bad thing, but 2 wrongs do

not make a right.Scene 3: A lonely place near Forres, the murder takes

place but Fleance scarpers.Scene 4: The banqueting hall at Forres, the Banquet

takes place, murderer enter to tell M B is dead but F escaped, M says he is

worried again. Murderer leaves and M goes to sit down and the ghost scene

happens and then again, LM tells lords to leave. Lords leave; LM and M are left

alone. M worries about murder and strange things and then complains that

Macduff said he did not want to come to the banquet. M says he will go and see

the witches the next day. LM says that he needs to sleep, they leave with M

saying that they still have far to go.Key Phrases: ?Thou canst not say I did it; never shake/Thy gory locks at

me!?-M when he see B?s ghost. ?It will have blood they say?What is the night?? M talking

to LM about how a murder will result in another murder, he goes on to say that

prophecies and birds have brought forth the murderer.Scene 5: A desolate Place, Hecate has a go at the

witches for meddling with Macbeth and his affairs and says that they must

confuse and confound the over confident M, H leaves.Key Phrases: ?Hath been but for a wayward son?-H saying that M is

evil/sinister. ?Love for his own ends, not for you?-H saying M does not

care about the witches, only himself.Scene 6: The castle of Lennox, L is talking to

another Lord and he keeps hinting at M being a traitor, being the murderer,

without ever actually saying it. Tells lord about Macduff refusing to go to M?s

banquet and how Macduff wants to overthrow M with the king of England?s help.Key Phrases: ?Men must not walk too late? L says that if men walk too

late at night, they will be killed.



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