Surviving The 90

′S Essay, Research Paper

Surviving the 90?s

During the late eighties and early nineties, our county dropped into a recession. Many people lost their jobs as big companies downsized or closed their factory. For the typical unskilled worker, this was a very big time of distress because of the sudden lack of unskilled work. Many families with children who started out with good paying jobs ended up struggling to survive until work was found. Family structure was as much as a struggle as trying to buy food.

Kids are the toughest part of family structure. When families begin to have financial trouble, everything falls apart. At a young age children learn to blame themselves for their families problems, which leads to a drop in self-esteem and can be very harmful in years to come, as they grow older. In some cases however, struggles can bring a family closer together. They work together and keep up hope and make the best of things. It all comes down to the love of the family and devotion they have toward each other.

Individual choice is a great thing about our countries government system. However sometimes the public needs some extra help. Especially when they get laid off from their job. I think the government doesn?t do enough for people who can?t pay doctors visits and for simple things like books and clothes. Social choice should be used when a time of discomfort has occurred but then back off when things settle down. Individual choice should never be taken away at the same time and government help should be optional to protect this.

The best way to avoid struggles when harder times occur is to be prepared. Having a wide choice of options is a great way to live life and protect your family. A good education in a developing field is the good way to succeed these days. Also a plan for the future and knowing what to expect incase of the worst happing. Most importantly keep the quality of the family together even through the roughest times.


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