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Cloning Will Help Essay, Research Paper

Cloning Will Help Us in the Long Run.

One issue that has come up within the past five years is the issue of human cloning. This issue has made many people quarrel about if it is morally right or not. One argument against human cloning that many people are looking into now, is whether cloning is ethical. Many people are against this issue, on the other hand, many people are for it. This controversy is currently going on and will be even a greater controversy if the government allows cloning. Both sides are very convincing about their point of view and state good reasons for taking their side of the issue. However, the side that says it is good to use human cloning outweighs the other side greatly.

A lot of people think, and I admit I thought this way a few months ago, that cloning human beings is immoral. In a book edited by Michael Ruse, and Aryne Shepherd, it is quoted that some people say that cloning is a blatant violation of thee inner meaning of parent-child relations (123). Some of these people think this because they do not understand the immense amount of education and understanding this process could provide if carried through. Also, more people would want cloning to be a general practice if they just took the time to read more into this subject. They would then find that cloning is an exciting and very helpful scientific breakthrough.

Some scientists are getting ready to clone their first baby, despite all of the controversy and laws prohibiting this practice. They think that sooner or later everyone will look at cloning as just another IVF (In vitro fertilization) technique. This example is a very good way at looking at this practice. Once perfected, if this were to be done, it may help solve some of the problems that certain IVF techniques pose today. Making cloning another IVF technique is a good way to use this new process also, because it will be very useful and will help couples that cannot have babies for any type of reason. However, right now they are having problems with this technique and there is somewhere around a 97 percent failure rate. So, obviously, it is not a good process now, but once the scientists figure out what is giving them the problems they are having, it will be the safest way of doing this.

With a history of cancer in my family, the main reason I take the position for human cloning is because it very well may help scientists find a cure to cancer. Cloning will help scientists learn about the differentiation of cells thus will explain why cancerous cells lose there differentiation. Many other medical difficulties are expected to be reversed or cured with the research of human cloning. These include: the reversal of heart attacks, infertility, defective genes, Down s Syndrome, Tay-Sachs disease, the ability to clone livers or kidneys if they fail, leukemia, cystic fibrosis, and the list goes on. All of the problems listed above, have touched many people in the world, and if we keep testing cloning processes we may be able to understand them more and be able to prevent or cure many if not all of these.

One thing that some religious sects are arguing in favor of cloning is that cloning is the key to immortality . This means that with the education of cloning, we are going to be able to help find ways of helping many sicknesses or anything that will hinder us from living full lives. Some people think, however, that what the religious sects mean by this is that they want to live forever. Also, the people say things such as, it would overpopulate the earth, which does make perfect sense, but that is not what the religious people are trying to do when they say that.

Many people think that if the knowledge of cloning got into the wrong hands that people could clone past figures in history, such as Charles Manson, Stalin, or even Timothy McVeigh, and expect these people to be exactly like they were when the original people lived. This, not only being impossible, is very outrageous. There is no possible way to be able to clone the way these people were brought up or even how they think. The main reasons these people got into the trouble they did was because the way they personally were brought up, the environment in which they lived, and how they thought, or didn t think, things through.

When Dolly the sheep was produced successfully in 1997 it took scientists 277 tries to finally get it right. This could pose an ethical problem if attempted with humans. It would risk miscarriages in the mother and severe developmental problems in the child. However, as stated earlier, the scientists do need to figure out the problems and work out all of the kinks in this practice. Any scientific procedure needs to be practiced and worked with before it is totally and looked over.

Science is a never-ending growth of the human way of thinking. As time goes on, the human race gets smarter by learning new technologies and scientific practices. If we were to start barring these new scientific breakthroughs, who knows how many problems we could have solved? We should not ban human cloning; if anything, we should limit the use of it to just research as of right now. And as time goes on, and the practice of cloning gets perfected, we then should put it to use. It is unjust to say we cannot keep studying on ways to make the world better; instead we should let discoveries take their courses and keep trying to make the world a better place to live.


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