Response Paper On Othello Essay Research Paper

Response Paper On Othello Essay, Research Paper

HUM 125

Response Paper

Othello was confronted with many betrayals that lead him in killing his beautiful wife, Desdemona. When though Othello was a great warrior as well as a person of wisdom, but even his strength or his wisdom could not stop him from felling into the hands of a villain. The hands he fell into were Iago’s. Iago was a mastermind who would do anything to please himself. Othello fell into a trap, “jealousy”, that cost him to lose his dignity, his wife, and his life. The downfall of Othello was a great tragedy, which no- one can’t prevent.

Othello was a great warrior because he was wise, but in some case beginning wise cannot help any one who falls in a trap of jealousy. This always happen in real life even if we are not a jealous person. Othello was not a jealous person but they made him into a jealous person. Iago who was Othello’s best man betrayed him to try get to his wife, Desdemona.

Iago is a villain that will betray anyone or anything to get what he wants. To make the long story short Iago is a backstabber. He would tell things to Othello to brain wash him. Iago who had this planned, as many people do, who sometimes get away with this kind of tragedy and have no remorse.

The tragedy that happened to Othello made him lose his beloved wife all because of jealousy. Many thing that were told to Othello made him jump to conclusion like many people do which would lead them to do actions that will end up in tragedy. Roderigo was also a victim of Iago. Iago had said to Othello that Roderigo had an affair with his wife but this was not true because Iago wanted to be with Desdemona. These lies lead Othello to have Roderigo killed and to kill his on wife.

As we live life we hardly think about how these tragedies of jealousy do occur. Jealousy is a dangerous game to play with. I felt sorry for Othello because he was tricked in believing a lie, which cause him to lose his dignity, his wife, and his life. We all have to know how to trust and believe in this world. It does not matter if we are powerful or smart we all can lead into this same kind of tragedy that could cause us to lose everything even our own life.


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