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Long Day Essay Research Paper A Long

Long Day Essay, Research Paper

A Long and Frustrating Day

?I have all these feelings and thoughts bottled up in my head, but I have no way of expressing them. When things don?t go my way, I throw a fit, and sometimes I catch myself in these dazes just staring at a fan go round and round.?

Day in, day out, my routine never changes. My mother wakes me up every morning at exactly 6:37 am. I get up, get dressed, and get ready to eat my favorite breakfast, French toast with a tall glass of orange juice. The orange juice must be poured before the French toast is put on the table; otherwise, I start rocking uncontrollably. After I eat all of my breakfast, I get my school bag all packed up and ready to go.

My mother and I go outside at 7:45 and wait for the bus to arrive at 7:50. Before I get on the bus, my mom makes the effort to give me a hug, but I always push her away and storm off onto the bus. I don?t like to be touched in any affectionate way. She gets me so upset when she tries to touch me that way, that when I get on the bus, I sit down, and start slamming my head against the window. Kids on the bus make fun of me, which just makes me bang harder. I wish someone could understand what I was thinking.

I finally get to school, and there awaiting me to get off the bus is my favorite teacher in the whole world, Mr. Taylor. We walk to the classroom together and get started on my daily schoolwork. The first thing we do is put different shapes into a puzzle board. I do the puzzle over and over again, but often I mess up and get frustrated with myself. So I run over to a corner, face the wall, and start yelling nonsense noises. Mr. Taylor runs over and gets me out of this frustration state by telling me that I have done well for the day. It?s finally lunchtime. I sit down at the table and set my table up. My sandwich in front of me, my juice box of to the left and behind my sandwich, my banana next to my sandwich, and my napkin on the right of my sandwich. My table is set up like this everyday. After lunch, Mr. Taylor and I, sit down at a desk and try to communicate with facilitated communication. I usually have a very hard time with this because it is so hard for me to open myself up. Sometimes if I don?t want to talk, I will completely shut myself down, not responding to anything anyone says, and not making any kind of eye contact with anyone. Finally, it is time to go home. Mr. Taylor walks me to the bus, and I head home. My mom picks me up at the bus stop, and we go back to the house.

Going home after school is my favorite time of day because it?s my time to myself. I always watch my three favorite television shows. First, I watch the Golden Girls at 5:00 pm, then Saved By The Bell at 5:30pm, and finally Full House at 6:00. After my shows are over, it?s dinnertime. My mom knows to have dinner on time because other wise it will mess up the rest of my schedule. I hate it when one thing goes wrong, because then everything else does too. After dinner, I get my shower, and then watch my final show of the night, The Real World. After The Real World, my mom comes in and tells me it is bedtime. I hate being told when to do stuff, so I start screaming and banging my head against the wall. When I finally run out of energy, I fall sound asleep.

I wish that my life wasn?t so complicated. I don?t mean to be this way; I just am. Maybe one day someone will understand what I am going through and not get frustrated with me. Hopefully someday I will be able to get through a day without hurting myself or yelling nonsense things.