New York Philharmonic Essay Research Paper On

New York Philharmonic Essay, Research Paper

On the evening of October 17, 2000 I, along with hundreds of people, gathered in the Avery Fisher Hall at Lincoln Center to watch the infamous New York Philharmonic. The concert was scheduled to start at 7:30pm. People gathered to their assigned seats around 7pm. As we sat and waited for the concert to begin, I absorbed the surroundings about me. I could smell the fresh smell of the wood, along with the smell of people’s various colognes that filled the air that would make the sounds echo along with the high ceiling. I was seated up on the third tier. A bit high up but was able to see everything. I felt as if I was living upper class, being dressed up and listening and watching a live concert.

At 7:30, the concert began. This particular concert was special because it was a tribute to Leonard Bernstein, one of the greatest composers of the twentieth century. The New York Philharmonic orchestra started off with a well-known piece by Bernstein, Jeremiah Symphony No. 1. This was the first time I had heard this piece. As soon as I heard it, it stirred such an emotion in me that I did not know whether to cry or be overjoyed. The Jeremiah piece lasted for about ten minutes. When the piece had ended, everyone clapped gracefully. It was an uplifting but slow moving piece.

The next piece that the orchestra played was a work done by Mendelssohn, his Piano Concerto No. 1 in G minor Op. 25. The ever talented and beautiful Mitsuko Uchida played this particular piece. She played the piano. The piano concerto piece was quick moving very enjoyable to listen to. As I watched Ms. Uchida play Mendelssohn’s piece on the grand piano, I was stunned at the speed her hands were moving all about the piano. To listen to and watch a person with as much music artistic ability such as Mitsuko Uchida was absolutely fabulous. Fabulous, actually, does not really describe it. Just being there, in person, watching outstanding skill was absolutely mind-boggling. The fact that Mendelssohn was an outstanding artist himself, next to Mozart and Beethoven, hearing someone play his music live was unlike any other experience I have ever had. The piece lasted about fifteen minutes, wheemed like only a few minutes. The masterpiece had ended before I knew it. Once the piece had ended everyone applauded like they have never applauded before.

The final piece of the night played by the r, Op. 88. In this artwork, the entire New York Philharmonic played together. It was similar to a grand finale where an entire cast would perform.


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