Quebec And Other Provinces Separation Essay Research

Quebec (And Other Provinces) Separation Essay, Research Paper

To what extent should the Government of Canada allow regions (provinces) to separate from the Country?

To what extent should the Government of Canada allow regions (provinces) to separate from the Country? It would not be very good to Canada as a whole, but it does have some good points in its favor, especially the fact that Quebec is the only province that is seriously acting toward it. It should also be looked at with different viewpoints. It may be better if a province left economically, but there are many other problems that could occur. My personal opinion (being in a province better off if it left Canada) is that regions (provinces) should be allowed to.

Based on the current issue that is happening right now, with Quebec wanting to separate, if Canada was to allow Quebec to leave, the economy of this country would be in much better shape then it is right now. Quebec has hardly any resources or industries to create any money. Provinces with abundance have to pay the government so much money but get so little in return, while there?s Quebec who gets more money in return than they pay. I think this is unfair to other provinces who work hard and put time and effort into their business?s only to have their revenue reduced by numerous taxes that aren?t used for you or your family but it is used for the Francophones n Quebec who don?t even appreciate it. Quebec asks for so much from the government and country but they can?t seem to get enough, and all they do is complain and threaten to leave. The government gives them far too much and still they are asking for their own taxes. If you really lay it all out, imagine how much of that money we spend on them, we could put into health care, transportation, and/or education.

Then there is the issue of terrorism to get their way. When you put a group of people who strongly believe in something they will stop at nothing to get what they want. They put all those opposed to their ideas in danger and it doesn?t matter who you are. It may start off against the government troops. With the technology of today, extremists can do just about anything to get what they want. Canada may become a country in turmoil and our scenic mountains and forests will soon become drenched with the blood of its inhabitants and wreckage at the battlefields. The FLQ?s in the 60?s to the 70?s may be just the beginning to Canada?s end. In this day and age where terrorism s common (Oklahoma unibomber) we cannot afford to have terrorism occurring within our country. We may soon be at the mercy of separation.

If terrorism does not come out, then some sort of war or fight could, just as the one during the 1880?s between the government and the Metis of Manitoba. Who knows what could happen if Canada doesn?t allow Quebec to become its own sovereign country.

There is one last issue I would like to use in my essay and that is about the languages. Quebec is different from other provinces in Canada as being a mostly French-speaking population. This should not be a problem seeing as how Canada is such a culturally diverse nation, but they demand so much recognition and so many privileges?s that the Canadian government cannot give. They want it so that their province is primarily French and no other language is to be spoken in Quebec. They don?t seem to get the fact that the English language opens up a large window of opportunities for its people. Many countries are using English as a second language, such as the Philippines, just so that when their students grown older they have the option of moving to Canada or America to work and live, instead of in the crowded cities in the Philippines. Many of the major companies are American based or require English for high positions in the company. The Francophones of Quebec don?t realize that the business world uses English as its primary language and that if they refuse to change they will be left behind and might as well return to its former state of agricultural industries. If all the cultures had the same rights as what the French demand, nobody would understand eachother isolate ourselves, and Canada then would become split into many different pieces.

As you have seen in my essay, I am a strong supporter of the separation of provinces being allowed to separate – but of course within reason- I believe that it wouldn?t hurt our economy for Quebec, (as I based my essay on this recent issue in Canada) to separate, and it may even boost Canadian economy. Although there are reasons why this particular province shouldn?t separate, the Pro?s outweigh the Con?s and that is how I see it.

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