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Caught With Rye Essay, Research Paper

Caught With Rye

An optical illusion is something that appears to be one thing, but in reality is something different. Holden Caulfield is like an optical illusion; he appears to be one way but is nothing like what he appears to be. The reason for the false appearance that Holden portrays is that society has branded him with this image. He is caught in this image and he doesn?t know how to escape from it. By Holden being ostracized by society no one ever learns the truth behind Him and who he really is. Holden appears to be a simple person with a simple mind, very immoral and unaware of his problems. However, he is none of these In reality he is very complicated, knowledgeable, sincere person who is extremely aware of his problems.

Holden Caulfield?s life is like a poem. Everything he does compliments something else, be it good or bad. His life is very simple yet, as an individual he is very complicated. Holden is also like a poem in that most poems are written in simple words and they are for the most part very simply structured. Most poems, however, are very deep and profound. There is often more to them than meets the eye. His simple appearance makes it appear that he has a simple mind as is relatively dumb. However, his mind is always working.When Holden is talking to his psychoanalyst about him returning back to school he says, ?how do you know what you?re going to do until you do it? The answer is you don?t? (213), it is clear that his is a young man that doesn?t just do something, he thinks things through. He is the type of person that analyzes everything. In order to reveal the truth behind a poem it must be analyzed, much like in order to understand Holden he must be analyzed. In both cases, sometimes the truth is never meant to be known.

Holden?s morals are thought to be very weak due once again to society?s views on him. Holden?s wanting to be the catcher in the rye in itself might be insane and juvenile, but the reason behind it is very sincere. His reason for being the catcher in the rye is that he?d have to ?catch everybody if they start to run over the cliff- I mean if they?re running and they?re don?t look where they?re going (he?d) have to come out from somewhere and catch them? (173). That noble thought is one of someone that is a very moral person, that genuinely cares for others. Holden also wrote Stradlater?s paper for him, just to help him out. Another sincere things about Holden is that he is brutally honest. It might not appear that this is a sincere thing, but by Holden telling it as he sees it, he makes people aware things other might see, but just not say.

The first step to solving any problem is admitting that there is something wrong and that there is a solution. For a while Holden was aware that he had a problem but didn?t know how to start solving it. As time went on, and he grew as a person, not only did he admit he was crazy when he said to his sister, ?I know its crazy, it?s the only thing I?d like to be. It?s crazy? (173) not only has he admitted it to himself, but he?s made others see his problem. Telling someone about something that is wrong is like reaching out a hand and asking for help. The most significant part of Holden was the fact that after realizing he needed help, he didn’t? continue to run, he returned home. By him returning home, he opened himself up for the first time. Putting him on the road to recovery.

Do to society?s negative pull on Holden, he appears to be something that he is not. He is stereotyped and criticized because he is not understood. Because society cannot interpret him, he is taken for a simple person, with low morals, and a person that is unable to accept reality. When in reality, it is society that is unable to deal with the unknown.


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