Comparison Of Stories Essay Research Paper The

Comparison Of Stories Essay, Research Paper

The characters of A Sorrowful Woman and Tarzan of the Apes share a lot of similarities. In the case of Faye and Jane, they both are in love with their male counterparts although they don t show it. The women are involved in troubled relationships. Finally, Tarzan and Kai share the same attitude towards their partners respectfully.

Faye and Jane are truly deeply in love with their partners. Although during each story they both reacted the same way in that they seem to reject Tarzan and Kai. In Faye s situation, she pushed Kai away and even would not let him hold her. She said I m afraid to marry you (27). However, marriage is what she really wants. Faye cares about Kai as much as he does her. As the story of Tarzan reads, Jane eventually becomes Tarzan s wife. In the excerpt, Tarzan repulses Jane; she turns on him like a tigress. However, she still loved him For a moment – the first in her young life – she knew the meaning of love (65). Perhaps her initial reaction was one of thanks for saving her life, but she knew that she was in love.

The trouble in Faye s life is very important to her, even to the point that she would rather let Kai leave then to put him through it. Faye s ability to not have children causes her rejection of Kai. She wants Kai to have a normal life with wife that can give her children. And in her opinion, marriage is out of the question. Jane is also in a troubled situation in that she knows she can t really be with Tarzan. Her upbringing and family was not and has not intended for her to be with an ape-man . Tarzan lives in the jungle, he can t speak English, and gorillas raised him, this does not appeal to a proper English lady. Jane possibly comes to her senses after Tarzan saves her, because at first she reacted with love and thanks, but later turned on him. Their relationship at this time to her could never grow into anything serious.

It is obvious that both men in the stories love their counterparts. Regardless of Faye s problem, Kai does not want to part with her. Kai actually is surprised that Faye would think that he would reject her. Kai said Why do you think I want you for my wife? Because you re some kind of baby factory? (29). He explains that there are other reasons for loving someone and her problem is both of their problems. Tarzan has never loved before, and he has not met many women of his own kind. He immediately falls in love with Jane, as with Faye, Jane rejects her counterpart. Tarzan, however would not give up He took his woman in his arms and carried her into the jungle (65).

These characters display a similarity with their actions towards each other. They each love their partner although in some cases they reject them. Both relationships are troubled or different than most couples. Faye cannot have children, and Tarzan and Jane are worlds apart. And both Tarzan and Kai truly love their partners, regardless of background, health, or wealth.


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