My Antonia Essay Research Paper Immigrants in

My Antonia Essay, Research Paper

Immigrants in the novel faced the same problems as immigrants do today. Immigrants come to America happy and thinking that they are going to live a better life from where they came. The immigrants come to America unemployed and homeless. That is the same thing that happened to the Shimerdas when they came to America looking for a better life. When the Shimerdas came they had been robbed for their money when they bought a dugout. The same thing happens to immigrants today because some would sell them things more than it would usually cost. In the time of the novel the immigrant had to go through hard work. They had to go through hard work because they had to just about start from scratch, because a farm wasn t just there for them to continue on.

My Antonia gives a glimpse into the mind of the people who came hopefully to the country. Newcomers always have to face the suspicious toward foreigners. In the novel Mr. And Mrs. Shimerda have difficulties adjusting to the problems and conditions in the prairie life. In on point in the story Americans fell into the common mistake of thinking of foreigners as a class, instead of thinking of them as individuals. Although there are two different groups, foreigners and old settlers in American communities, there may be someone who is new and different, and some people display a kind of provincialism evidence in My Antonia.

People sometimes forget that immigrant tradition is not entirely rural. Many newcomers from the teeming metropolitan areas of Europe have vastlyinfluenced the character of American cities. Large cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, St. Paul, and San Francisco have many inhabitants who are immigrants or the sons and daughters of immigrants. Some cities in America have strong foreign groups that have a big influence on the people around them.

Immigrants I the novel had a hard time dealing with the new way of life. Today it wouldn t be that hard getting a custom with the new place because you got thing that can help you get to where you want to go. In the story they had to get use to living where your whole house was just dirt. Then they would have to get up early to do their chores. Life was hard back then because they didn t have any electricity, so everything they did was by hand and tool. The thing I think that is different from immigrants today is that back then it was easy to make another friend if you were poor, but Know if your poor it is hard to make friend because nobody want to be friend with some body poor.

When the United States past a laws restricting immigration, the tide of new blood running into the country had diminished. As people became a blend, a product of the melting pot, we forget the teeming nations that made us a nation. In the book, Will Cather wasn t concerned with the great but humble, simple people whom she saw settling down and conquering a new environment. Characters like Shimerdas and Lena Lingards has contributed to the country. A national group in the country has contributed to the nation. The contribution of nation groups tales the form of place name, custom, cherished traditions, the food we eat, the kind of people we are. Such contribution can be founded in any city or town. From the hearts of the immigrants who came to this country rose many songs and ballads.


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