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Morals Essay Research Paper In Jack Schaefer

СОДЕРЖАНИЕ: Morals Essay, Research Paper In Jack Schaefer’s novel Shane, Jack Schaefer states his oppinion on peoples ability to change. Shane says to Bob, “A man is what he is, Bob, and there’s no breaking the mold.” Jack Scaefer supports this quote by making Shane return to his old method of dealing with problems. When Shane first arrived he was dessed in all black.

Morals Essay, Research Paper

In Jack Schaefer’s novel Shane, Jack Schaefer states his oppinion on peoples ability to change. Shane says to Bob, “A man is what he is, Bob, and there’s no breaking the mold.” Jack Scaefer supports this quote by making Shane return to his old method of dealing with problems. When Shane first arrived he was dessed in all black. Shane later tells the Starrett family thatr he was a gunfighter in his past. Later in the novel you can tell that Shane is to avoid his past, Shane begins to dress in colors besides black and he also tries to handle problems verbally rather than physically. Shane tries very hard to prevent having to return to his violent past. Shane keeps to himself a lot too, Shane does not like disscusing his past with anybody, as if he were ashamed. When confrtont Shane Stark Wilson, Shane tries to give Stark Wilson a chance out, Shane gives Stark wilson a chance to walk away, but Stark Wilson refuses. Since Stark Wilson insited on fighting Joe Starrett Shane is forced to go back to his violent past. Shane dresses back up in his all black clothes, just as he wore when he first arrived. Shane grabed his gun and met Stark Wilson for the final showdown. By having Shane return to solving problems with a gun, Jack Schefer implies that a man can not

changed, there is no breaking the mold.

In A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens expresses his belief on changing ones personality. The moral of A Christmas Carol is “People can make changes in their lives whenever they really want to, even right up to the end.” Charles Dickens shows the moral by haveing Scrooge change his personality. In the begining of A Christmas Carol Scrooge is a cold and almost heartless man, Scrooge doesn’t like Christmas or anything to do with it. Scrooge keeps to himself a lot, he does not like having people around him, not even his own family. Scrooge had a partner named Marley, Marley was just as bad as Scrooge is. Because of Marley’s foul behavior he is condemed to an eternity of carrying heavy chains. One night Marley appears before Scrooge and warns him that if he continues being the kind of person that he is, he will face a destiny much worse than what Marley is facing. Marley tells Scrooge that he shall be visited by three ghosts. The three ghosts show Scrooge different things, the final ghost shows Scrooge the horrible consecuences that await Scrooge if he continues being the kind of person he is. Since Scrooge realized his mistakes, and was afraid of the future, he changed into a completely different person. Scrooge began to love Christmas and all the wonderful thnings that came with it. By making Scrooge completely change, Charles Dickens shows that a person can change at any age, Charles Dickens shoed that it is never too late to change.

Both of the morals are true in one way or another, but it is my own personal belief that a person can change at any time, if he or she desires to change. Although the moral in Shane makes some sense, I agree more with the moral from A Christmas Carol. I believe that if a person really wants to change it is possible, no matter what the habbit is the person is trying to break. Although it is easier to chane a person when he or she is young, it is not impossible when a person is older. Millions of people smoke, and a lot of them wish to change that habbit, sometimes they are succesfull, and sometimes they are not. The ones who are not sucessfull were probably not modivated enough to break the habbit. Sometimes it takes extreme measures to break a habbit. But if a person truely wants to change, they can do it. Modivation and support is a great way to help a persaon change. If a person wishes to stop being greedy for example, the best way to do so is by having somebody by your side to teach you how to share and be generous. Change is not easy, but if the right things are done, then it is not so bad. For example, in A Christmas Carol Scrooge is shown the future if he doesn’t change, seeing that gives Scrooge a “reality check” and enables him to change with great ease. If a smoker wishes to change, doctors often let the person see people who have been affected greatly by the dangers of smoking. Being able to change is everybodys right, not being able to change at a certain age would be like taking their freedom away.



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