Surge Of Nationalism After War Of 1812

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The aftermath of the War of 1812 produced a strong surge in nationalism, proves itself to be an entirely factual statement. It is confirmed through various events throughout the post-war period. The nationalist spirit became evident at various levels. For instance, national literature became published. Acclaimed writers, James Fenimore Cooper and Washington Irving used American scenes and themes in their books. School textbooks were being written about America in America. Evidence of nationalism became apparent in other ways as well. For example, a revived Bank of the United States formed in 1816. Also, the national capital became renovated. Finally other example of nationalism was the expanding of the army to ten thousand men. Indication of nationalism became increasingly clear as time went on. Nationalism became evident in manufacturing. Americans took pride in the factories built after the war. Congress even appeared to have a nationalist spirit themselves. They imposed the first tariff in American history to serve as protection to industries, rather than to raise revenue. Henry Clay further demonstrated the escalation of nationalism. He developed what was called the American System. This had three parts, a strong banking system, advocation of a protective tariff, and internal improvements. Altogether, this once again proved the steady growth of nationalism.

After the War of 1812, the nationalism mirrored in the shaping of foreign policy. For example, the Treaty of 1818 was formed with Britain. This document allowed three major things to occur. It allowed America to share Newfoundland fisheries with Canada,it fixed the northern limits of Louisiana, and it provided a ten-year joint ownership of Oregon country. President Monroe formed his cabinet with mainly nationalistic politicians. In 1819, Spain surrendered Florida to the reigning United States. These occurrences once again illustrated the uprising of nationalism in the post-war years. Obviously, the surging nationalism became evident after the War of 1812, based on the previous, and other events.


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